Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scenes from Alaska

What a great idea for outgrown puddle boots
Mt Augustine erupting
The view from a favorite coffee shop
Another favorite view
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Fishing the Russian River

Hiking back to the river
I am never in pics - me self portrait!
Combat Fishing
Noah and his BFF's
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More Fun!

Kevin slaying more yummy stuff for the freezer
Beach time
rest stop on the beach
dirty boy camping feet!
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Fun Fun

Noah holding brine shrimp he found in the tidal pool.
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My Man!

Nothing makes a wife more proud than when her man slays the beast and brings it home to eat! That is fresh sockeye salmon going in our freezer! YUMMY!
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Look! No Training Wheels!

GO NOAH GO!!! He was so happy! He is now starting off all on his own too! He is growing up too fast!
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Kelly Cup Finals Game 7

Boomer with a stingray on his stick
Family pic with green lights!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Winter Sunrise

These were taken last November, actually on election day '08. This was the sun rising behind the mountains. Gorgeous, eh?
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Not missing the fun!

Of course if I have my camera out, Noah is gonna have his picture made. And who can blame him?! This boy has had my camera shoved in his face since the minute I got it in my hands!! At 2, Noah was setting up a tripod and asking folks to say "cheese"! So, at C's 2yr shoot, Noah got in on the fun and did a silly shoot! The last one is going to embarass him when he get married!
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Caleb @ 2

These are just a sampling of Caleb's 2yr portraits. I know he is 2.5 yrs old now, but I am just now finding some time to do this. I did not put out my favorites cause they are going on the wall in the hallway, SO, to see those you need to make a visit. AND, yeah, in that last pic he is shakin' his booty! hee hee! Ain't he the sweetest thing you EVER saw??!!
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