Monday, July 30, 2007

The Weather

Today has been crazy. One minute it is sunshiny and nice, and the next it is thundering, lightening, and stormy. Much like my mood today. Moments of sunshine, then the thunderstorm where I attack something and clean it like a mad woman. The later the day got the fewer the storms, much like my mood. Weird. I wonder if there was a connection. I know, I'm reaching a little far. Oh well. I needed the storm to get the anger out. I guess that's just less stuff for my friend to clean.

I am off to continue reading Harry Potter. I am sad the series is over. I think I am gonna re-read the series when I am done with this one.
Off to bed...........................

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I love being back as a fully functional family unit. It is so nice waking up to the hubby and being able to say, "Go ask your Daddy". :) We have had so much fun even though we are busy catching up on errands and trying to prepare for the move.
We are living with our friends after we sold the house and it is fun. I forgot what it is like to have roommates, and this is to another degree, we have "family-mates". They are a fun family to hang out with and our kids get along really good. We looked into living at the base, but they could only give us 10 days in a TLF. So, we said "no thanks".
We are counting down the days until we get on the road to Alaska. We are so pumped about moving there. Currently the temp has been in the upper 60's lower 70's. Ahhhhhhh, how nice.
Caleb is growing like a weed, he is trying to crawl. He is up on all 4's revving back and forth. It is cute. We are going back to the ortho doc on Aug 10 to hopefully gain 12hrs/day of freedom from the brace. Wish us luck.
Noah is having his cyst removed on Thursday. It will be an outpatient procedure. Good Lord willing, he will come through like a champ. The surgeon is awesome. He had Noah laughing and giggling by the end of the appt. Big accomplishment, if you know anything about Noah.
We took the boys to the water park today. Caleb loved it. Noah took on the slides like a champ, and the water temp was great. We got rained out, but b/c of the rain we got another whole day's admittance FREE! That was lovely.
No major drama to report, other than the normal day to day. Life is good for now. Last time I said that the roof caved in! So to speak. Will report in after the surgery day!

My quote for the day - Hatred stirs up dissension but love covers all wrongs. Proverbs 10:12

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All in a name

I don't think I could have picked a better title for this blog.

We are home, got here yesterday. Came back a day early because my HUSBAND was to go into work. Oh yes, my hubby-bub is BACK! Complete surprise to me and the boys. It was so wonderful.

About 12:30am on Sat I am completely asleep, so are the boys. I hear Noah cry a little and then I start to freak out. I see something black hovering over my son! I wear contacts, so waking up in the middle of the night is like looking through fogged up lenses. I am like what the.....Then I see Kev's face. Not sure if I am dreaming, I start saying "Kevin, Kevin. Is this real? " He just laughs a little giggle and says, "Uh, yes." So I jump out of the bed and grab on to him for dear life! And if you are ever at my FIL's house, watch out for that bed, cause I have a bruise the size of a grapefruit from stumbling over the bed post.
Kevin flew into SC on Friday afternoon, had some of our friends bring him his car (THANKS CRYSSY AND TONY) and then he drove all night to get to us. I thought he was on a mission so I am hugged up to my cell phone hoping for a call, I had not heard from him in almost 2 days. He was on a mission, alright, a mission to come home!

It is still hard to realize that he is permanently back. I am still in the mindset of doing all of this stuff alone for 2 more months. What a great weekend. I never thought he would come home.

Now, if you have been reading my previous blogs, you know that KJ has this moustache. AND I said he could keep it if he came home early. Well, he kept it. I did not say one word about this gnarly, thick, stache on his face or taking it off. I sucked it up and starting trying to find ways of liking his new "look". Yes, I took pics......will post them later.
Good news..........Sunday morning my hubby decided grooming the beast on his upper lip was too much work and he appeared that morn for church clean shaven. I had to control myself, cause I wanted to jump up and down and turn cartwheels. :)

Anyway, enough blogging today, I got some catchin up to do...............

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Assumptions and Expectations

Ever find yourself in a situation where the reality of the situation was entirely clouded by assumptions and expectations? Why is it we let this cloud of frustration continue to loom over the players in the situation? Wouldn't it be easier to let the assumptions and expectations we hold on to so tightly, fall away. Not an easy process, but wouldn't love, acceptance, and kinship flow much more smoothly? Or should we continue building the dam with logs of expectations and logs of assumptions so that love, acceptance, and kinship only trickle into our lives or not trickle at all? In a perfect world we would not be held to expectations and assumptions, but would be accepted as we are and loved including our faults, which may not even be faults at all. These faults may only be labeled as faults by clouded eyes; an accidental mistake caused by those expectations and assumptions. Why is it that expectations and assumptions cause relationships to end or only be superficial? Why are these expectations and assumptions so important? Why do we let them control our relationships? Why do we find it so hard to let them go? Those assumptions and expectations are seeds of destruction, growing weeds to choke out any hope of reconciliation. Who wants that? Why is it so hard for us to find love in the way things are? Why are we trying to take over the position of potter, instead of remaining the clay? What happened to the idea of ebb and flow and being accepting of where it takes us? I just want to know why it is so hard for us to talk, TALK, instead of ASSUMING? To accept, ACCEPT, instead of EXPECTING? Sigh.... of frustration and exhaustion. Why is it so hard to really open your heart to change and to really learn to love that change? I am so tired of the superficial and fake, the assumption and expectation and non-communication.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On the digits

4th of July - fun with the fam - not posting pics cause I am on dial-up at my mom's and I left my card reader in SC. Thanks for the fun Mama J and Aunt Katie.

Noah went to Chuck E. Cheese last night - total chaos! He loved it! Thanks Uncle David!

I am in Huntsville right now, and as I drive around I realize how much I like this city. So much convenience.

I am beginning to hate living out of my car. Only 3 months to go....................urgh!

More life on the road to come. I am off to see my dad this sunday, he too has dial-up. So, maybe more posts will come later.

My hubby-bub is doing fine. He is flying a lot and still winning at bingo. I think he is up to $300 in winnings. Still has lots of pride in his moustache and said the pic would be coming soon. I miss him so much, I think I would take the moustache on him if I could just have him home. Noah is really missing his dad too. Noah told him yesterday on the phone, "Daddy, I just lose you all the time". It was really cute and bittersweet.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Well, I sold the house! YAY!! Bought a new (used) car (white 2005 toyota sienna)!!! YAY!!! Moved in with friends and am now visiting family in AL and TN. I am missing my daily blog checks. Slight withdrawals are starting to take place, ha ha!! Right now, life is good. We are half-way through Kev's deployment and half-way closer to Alaska. It is hard celebrating the 4th knowing my husband is out there fighting for us to celebrate. I just cry at the fireworks, and every time I hear Lee Greenwood I am changing the station. I have pride in our country, don't get me wrong, I love that my husband is a defender of this nation, but hearing the songs and seeing the fireworks depresses me cause he is not here. I think this is part of the whole deployment emotion-cycle. It is hard to miss someone this much.

Kevin is doing fine. He has told me that a poll was taken and he has the 2nd best looking moustache in Al UDEID. Not so sure about this. He said I would like it, again not so sure about that. He also mentioned that he looks like an older man. I giggled, hard, at that statement. Last time he looked like kid who got ahold of a sharpie marker! He said he was going to send a pic. I will post and take a poll of my own!

Will post again as soon as I can.