Monday, September 27, 2010

Back in the saddle

We are slowly getting settled into our home. We still have boxes left to unpack, boxes that need to move out, that have been packed with things that we have outgrown, or just don't need anymore, and still things are not neat and tidy. However, it has only been a little over a month, so I will cut us a little bit of slack.
I have hurt my lower back somehow. I think this is a previous injury I keep aggravating off and on. So, it just comes back worse than the time before. This has slowed down the straightening process of our home. However, sitting on my ice pack every couple of hours has given me some time to catch up on some things like digital scrapbooking and sewing.

I am most excited about a project I have been wanting to complete since last halloween. I found this little slice of craftiness so close to halloween last year, I did not have time to complete it. It has been in the back of my mind off and on for the last year. I finally have all my sewing things unpacked so I spent a couple of hours getting this out of the way before October.
First I need to note that this is not my original idea. I got the inspiration here. I am so excited about these "magic halloween bags". My bags are not as elaborate as Blue Cricket's, however just as functional. I think these little bags are so wonderful, because I can get rid of the leftover candy, easily. The deal at our house goes, you get to pick out 7 pieces. One piece a day for a week. Then the rest usually gets vaccuum sealed and I recycle the candy for halloween the following year. Cheap, yes I know. But at $8/bag of candy. I would rather my $8 stay in my pocket.

I had a little left over material so I also whipped up a little table decor. I did not want a full runner for halloween, so this little rectangle works out nicely.

Yes, I am getting in the fall spirit which has not happened in 3 years. The past 3 years, my fall included snow fall. :) Not complaining, though, cause I miss that snow, as facebook friends report it hitting the mountains already!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My thoughts for this morning and the past few mornings........

So, today I unpacked box 1. Box 1 of just a few that are in a stack in a small corner of my garage. This small corner holds all that is physically left of my mother. Her presence was so big in my life and yet all there is now for me to see and touch is a small corner of things in my garage. I go through these treasures thinking of what she may have said to me while I try to find a special spot for each one. In just a little over a week she will have been absent from my life for 6 months. Time, how is just slips away.

Then I get to thinking about how I don't have much time left with my two blessings that day by day get more independent. Needing me less and less. Every night I think I am so blessed and overwhelmingly in love with two little boys. Each kiss that is, as of now welcomed, will soon be replaced with "aww mom" and "can you give a me a kiss before school, not at school?" How I wish each minute was just 2 seconds longer, so I could have just a little bit more.

Each day I read my Bible and read how the Apostles teach to hurry. Time is ending. Do it now. Learn now, love now. Then I think about a lesson I heard in church that said one incredible deception most of us believe, is that we have time. We can do it tomorrow, we can wait until we are ready. The time is not right yet.

Do we have tomorrow, Friday, next week, next year ? Who can answer that question? Yep, no one.

I hope God can fill me with more than enough love, wisdom, and peace that my time will be fulfilled in Him and anything extra is a blessing to someone in my life.