Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why would I ever want to leave?

Pardon the van - I wanted this view and it just happen to be there. No time for photoshop right now!
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Never Stop Exploring

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Growing up way too fast!

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Where did the time go?

I can't believe he will be 5 in October.

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The Sweetest Brothers

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God wanted a turn

So, back in June we had an earthquake here and it was the first one we (as in myself and Noah) felt. I have some windchimes in the house (the boys always ask for a turn to tap them when going up the stairs to hear them tinkle) and they tinkled, some things fell off the wall upstairs, it was really bizarre when it happened.

Now tonight.......let me set the scene.

Noah is getting out of the shower and is babying his big toe. He stubbed it and it bled a little and Mr. Drama that he is, is acting like the toe is broken and only holding on by a remnant of flesh. So I am giving him the "toughen up", "are you really a hockey player boo hooing over a stubbed toe?" Mind you, that he did not even realize it was bleeding until I said, "Hey Noah whats going on with the toe?" Anywhoo, he begins to go into act 4 and proceeds to tell me that he has to nurse his toe in case an earthquake happens, "You know, like the one that made the windchimes tinkle". Oh yeah, okay. He might feel the earthquake and need to brace his toe just in case it might touch the ground cause right now it is too badly injured to be walked upon. - I swear the kid's eye should be brown - He goes back to telling me again all about the earthquake and that God made the earth move and that really - oohhh this was sooo good - "really God just wanted a turn to make the windchimes tinkle". I love you Noah.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And so it ends.....

Thanks ladies for the advice on the bread makers. Jillina, I have an extra bag waiting on me at my mom's and it can fit a bread maker nicely (if you happen to find it!)! THANKS!!

Summer is quickly dwindling away........boo hoo! However, we have a billion things on our plate.

We spent Labor Day weekend at Midnight Sun Bible Camp. I have no words to describe this place. It is one of my favorite places on earth and serious discussions have already taken place about bringing the kids back for their annual week of camp. It is very much worth the trip for what the kids get to experience. It is seriously in the top three of the best places on earth.

Noah started hockey tonight. He did so great. He is improving by leaps and bounds. We are so proud! He is also going to preschool 3 days a week AND has swimming two days a week. With all of this on his plate he finally acknowledges that rest is a good thing!

Caleb got his first pair of hockey skates and had his first time on the ice last Friday. He did really well and asks all the time where HIS hockey gear is and WHY isn't he going out on the ice with Noah. It is too CUTE! Tonight we had a little talk about when he gets to go to preschool and that mommy does not want him to grow up too fast.

Time is going by so much faster than I ever realized.

I am up to my ears in craft projects.......don't know why that is so easy to do! Seems like all my free time is either behind the sewing machine or with knitting and crochet needles in my hands!

And my computer is about to kick the bucket. I am really nervous but am going to take the plunge and become a MAC person. We already own one and does it ever kick booty compared to a PC. I am just nervous about getting all my software converted without putting out extra $$$.

God is giving me such a feeling of fulfillment and happiness. Some things I have been praying so hard about have been revealed to me. Isn't it when that happens, there is PEACE. I love that.

God is GREAT and our family is so blessed. Life is wonderful...........hope yours is too.