Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In the car

Here we are once again in the car, for a quick blog update.

On Mon we signed the papers for a house! YEAH! We move in on Dec 7. So Thanksgiving is in the TLF, but Christmas will be in our HOME, among a zillion boxes, but in a home, with our stuff. I have met a lot of the spouses here and they seem really nice. My fav so far is a gal names Regi, who actually has her Thanksgiving bird in her backyard. They have given their turkey a name, oh yes, and will be having her on the table in a little over a week. I love meeting new people.
We have had a 7 inches of snow. Makes for interesting driving. Especially for me, who grew up in the south, and has ZERO experience driving in this winter wonderland.
Ok, Caleb is having a fit and we have to drive back to our TLF. We get internet in our home in 4 weeks! Will post again as soon as I can. Oh, and if you have emailed me, I am not ignoring you. It just stinks having to sit in the car with the kids screaming trying to check email and blog. Love you all! Updates soon. Oh, and the kids are doing great. They LOVE LOVE the snow. Just imagine the kid from Christmas story who looks like a star! Love it! Happy Thanksgiving yall!

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Jillina said...

Yay! Glad you've got a home on the horizion, I know you'll be so glad to be settled.