Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Skinny Tuesday

Ok short and sweet this week folks.

Just to sum up my last week.........

Only one training run happened, the one on tuesday Aug. 5. Then that was it. I got some kind of something that killed me for a WEEK. At first I was blaming Eve, but then I went to the thought of kidney infection, kidney failure, to meningitis. Needless to say I still feel like crap today, but with the race looming only 5 days away I forced myself to the gym and forced out a 35min run. I thought I would DIE! Sweat pouring off my face, heavy breathing, and just a poor poor run. I then realized how dehydrated I was. This is going to be a struggle on Sun.

On the upside the compression band around my knee helped. I just need rest, fluids, and good food. 3 things that have not happened the last week.

I have plans to run 2 more times this week. I am going to push a 45min run on Thursday, a 15min run on Friday and the meet the beast on Sun.

I have not had time to research tips or exercises, cause all I have wanted to do was curl up and die for the past 7 days. Next week, hopefully, we will pick it back up and I will have news that I am not on the front page of the paper for dying during the marathon, but news that I made my goal - finish without walking and hopefully make it in 2.5hrs. Wish me luck and please PRAY for me. I am gonna need it.

Also, on another front. Keeping your heart healthy is so important. My mom is having surgery this Thursday and is having a pacemaker/defibrillator combo implanted. Please PRAY for her as well. Women are hugely impacted by heart disease and this should be on our minds at all times. Strong HEARTS!!!!

See you on the other side of the finish line!!


Brandi said...

I'll keep her in my prayers! And I'm so glad you're being so healthy... very inspiring to me!
Miss you,

Courtney said...

Sorry you had a bad week sista - and praying for mom! That isnt a bad procedure, she will be up and around by end of the day ..I know you will be nervous wreck in the meanwhile, though..so our prayers will be with her today! :)

Courtney said...

oh, and you too! :)

JPJ said...

We're keeping your mom in our prayers (and you too--it's hard to be away from family when things like this are going on). I know everything will go well.