Thursday, July 16, 2009

Space the final frontier

The boys and I took a little trip to the craft store so mommy could purchase even more little treasures to put in the overflowing craft bins. Upon entering the store, the incessant echos begin......"Mom, can we get a new craft?" "No mom, no more paper or markers, no more paint" "Mom can we get a craft?" "Can we can we can we, PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE!" "Please mom, NO MORE suncatchers" "Mommy PLLLLUUUUUHHHHEEEAAASSSEEE"
OKAY.........what shall it be. Noah searched and mulled through aisle after aisle, pausing and staring, taking a few steps, pausing and staring and BEHOLD the greatest find EVER! He was SO VERY PROUD of this pick.........a solar system mobile.

He and Caleb worked very diligently following the instructions and pictures to a "T". No mixing colors here. This was going to be done "by the book" so said Noah.
The planets are ready to be aligned. But Mommy had to add sequins to the sun, saturn's ring, and a little to the earth, just for fun!
As soon as the planets were put into orbit, Caleb ran to the playroom and grabbed the shuttle. After all, you can't fly around in space in an airplane!
The first space mission was a success. The shuttle, as you can see, landed on pluto (the little pink planet) and the boys are taking their first space walk! Isn't outer space cool. Oh, and this was complete with swooshing, wooshing, and all kinds of outer space sound effects!

Are we looking at future astronauts?
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Brandi said...

Great job Crafty Mom!! I think I'm going to remember this for future reference. How cool!!