Monday, November 15, 2010


I got a breadmaker!! I got a breadmaker!! Woo hoo!!

Yes, some of you are thinking "who the heck cares that she got a breadmaker". I will still make bread for you! :)

My hands have thanked me for not kneading, not one push on the dough, the 5 loaves of bread I have made since Friday!
I have always been a true fan of bread. Oh how much more I love it warm out of the breadmaker with no work from me except throwing everything in a pan and pressing a button!

So far we have made 2 loaves of cinnamon bread. These loaves were my attempt to replicate Great Harvest's Cinnamon Chip bread. While my version did not exactly look like their round loaf of heavenly goodness, it tasted the same, and that is all that matters to me. I am not too picky about presentation; except when it comes to making the bread for giving. Which leads me to explain 2 more loaves of bread. The first version of cranberry white chocolate did not turn out heavenly, the second did. Or so I heard. I gave it away. It looked great coming out of the pan, and it took a lot of mental and physical discipline to keep my serrated knife in the drawer and walk away.
The fifth loaf was jalapeno cheese bread we ate with chili we made on Friday night. Yummy!

Ok, I have made you suffer enough. I will stifle my over the top excitement of a kitchen appliance. So, act surprised if you are gifted with a loaf of bread! :) After all, I am a southern girl and that's what we like to do - cook good food for those we love!

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Jillina said...

Yay glad you got one and are loving it! I remember you talking about one last year right after I gave mine to Goodwill. Ha! I never used it once but am having second thoughts now!