Saturday, June 23, 2007

Signing Off.....temporarily

I do not know how to start this one. I am so overwhelmed right now. I will not be blogging for a while. I am taking a break to prepare for the move, take a trip home, see my son through a minor surgical procedure, welcome my husband home, and leave for Alaska. I will not have my computer, so I do know how much internet time I will get between now and then.

Please pray...
for Noah as he will be having a cyst removed from his leg in late July/early Aug
for Caleb to be able to go to half-days with his brace in Aug
for Kevin to get home safe, soon, and our transition back into our whole family unit
for me and the boys as we are traveling home to AL and TN
for all of us as we move to AK
for the move to actually go through
for me at the closing
for the strength of my friends who are helping me through not having Kevin
for our military
for all those military families who are left behind
for the fallen Charleston firefighters and their families
for our country to choose the right leader

Hopefully, I can make a new post in the upcoming months.

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JPJ said...

This seems so sad to not have regular postings, even though I know I'll be keeping in touch. The time is really here for the move, etc. You have a whole network of family and friends in your corner praying continually, as well as to be there, if you need us.
Isnt' it exciting to think you are entering a new chapter of your bio, with the adventure of Alaska? Kevin will be home soon, and life will be wonderful!