Monday, June 11, 2007

Top 5

I have been tagged by my sis-in-law to name my fav places to eat, so here goes:

No particular order:

1 - Coast, Charleston - Best place for seafood, period.

2 - Meritage, Charleston - if you like tapas, you will LOVE meritage. It has been a fav for us since we moved here.

3 - Miller's Hotdogs, Ardmore, OK - the best dogs and chocolate malts in the WORLD!

4 - Mears, Mears, OK - Cowboy up when you go here. You get your choice of steak, steak, steak, or more steak. Served on a metal plate and huge sides.

5 - Ruth's Chris - I know it's a chain, but they have the best sweet potatoes I have ever put in my mouth!

Now I am going up the ante a little - Top 5 desserts

1 - High Cotton, Charleston - The best chocolate Kevin and I have ever put in our mouth. It was a chocolate souffle with chocolate in the middle all warm and gooey, with more chocolate drizzled over it. It will be really hard to ever beat this one.

2 - The banana pudding at Mears, in Mears, OK. It is homemade fresh everyday. I mean from scratch, no instant stuff here.

3 - Paolo's Gelato, Charleston - staight from Italy, he came here and set up shop. Made fresh everyday it is the best stuff I have put in my mouth, and I am not a ice cream person. Try the straciatella - it is the best.

4 - Cafe Vienna at Kaminsky's, Charleston - this is not exactly a dessert, it's a coffee but it has been the perfect after dinner drink for the past four years.

5 - The Chocolate Pie from Smithville, TN - hands down, none can beat it.

ok, Michele, Ann, Cryssy, TAG you're it, let's have 'em.......


Jillina said...

Top 5 desserts - genius!! Why didn't I think of this!

Katie said...

How heavenly!!! Now I'm starting my morning off with tummy growls!