Thursday, September 4, 2008

I just have to say.....

God has blessed me with the best kids in the world.
Last entry I mentioned about being able to pass on the love of being outside to my kids. Well, this year we were able to go to Midnight Sun Bible Camp. This is a camp that is owned by our church and is used all summer long for youth to learn more about God and fellowship. One weekend is Family Weekend or FamCamp. It kinda marks the end of the summer season since Labor Day is when most everyone closes up and prepares for winter. It was a great weekend. We camped in a cabin with several bunks built in, no electricity, water, etc. Pure Bliss! I know you are thinking I am crazy, but this was heaven. We hung out with our friends, cooked for one another, had fun together, and let me tell you, my boys were made by God to be outside.
We canoed, walked, picked blueberries, relaxed, sang, worshiped, and we just enjoyed every minute we had out there.
One big shout out goes to the Hewlett Family. They let us borrow their 4x4 jeep. We would not have made it down the dirt road in our minivan to the camp, so THANK YOU!!!!
Ok - back to the boys. I needed to walk to the jeep and it was going down just a little bit on a steep grade, so I asked Noah to stay at the top of the hill, I would run down and back and we would walk on together. So, I am coming back up and he is lying down with his arms outstretched, eyes closed, completely relaxed, and I say, "Noah what are you doing?" He says, "I was born to be in the woods." I love it!
Both boys went nonstop while at camp. This is already on the calendar for next year.


The Griffith Family said...

AMAZING!!! Isn't life wonderful!!! We are doing the same "famcamp" thing w/ our congregation next weekend. I can't wait. It's located in the Shenandoah mountains- which are beautiful- maybe not like Alaska or what we exp. in WA- but it's still God's creation. I love to camp- our kids have always loved it as well... TFS and may God cont. to bless your fam.

Jillina said...

So glad you guys had a great time! BTW - do you want/need some new quilts for you or the boys? Seriously I've got some time on my hands.... Let me know.