Thursday, September 4, 2008

Time with Family

My dad was able to come up for a solid week. It is really nice when family visits and they can stay long enough to enjoy this HU-MONGO state. I was able to take my dad camping at one of our fav places, Seward. Camping with my dad is always fun cause he was one who took me camping as a little girl. I have been camping my entire life thanks to my family and I get to pass that on to my boys, which I LOVE. Among the numerous things we got to do here are the highlights: watched salmon run the streams, glaciers cavving, moose in the wild, glass melting (hee hee!), native alaskans dancing, catching lures instead of fish, and my boys love on their "paw paw". For a moment I thought my dad was going to move into our garage!! Anyway, here are some of my fav pics from his visit.
Me and Dad at the Aialik Glacier

Watching the salmon run

yeah, that's not a fish

It's our stick we used to get us loose from hang-ups!!! hee hee

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