Thursday, October 2, 2008


Here I am again....yep no regularity. Just when I can. I really don't have time to be typing this out but I will forget some funny things if I don't.

Noah ran into the living room last Friday night yelling, "There is a deer in our tree! There is a deer in our tree!" There is a tree that is right in front of the window in the front yard. I reassure Noah, that there are not typically deer around, but then WAIT, IT'S A MOOSE! Kids run to the window! There it was a baby moose, yes a baby, eating the branches out of our tree. Let that run by you again.....a baby moose eating the branches out of the tree. Yes, the babies are huge! So, we were wandering, if that is the baby, where is the momma? Hmmmm. We walk to the back of the house, oh and look. There she is. She was right at our back yard. If we didnt have a fence she would have been in our yard.
Well, we were watching Murphy, Krista's dog. She was there picking him up taking in the moose watching as well. Then the light bulb goes off over Krista's head - I will let Murphy see the moose. uhhhmmm, yeah. It took Krista and Kevin pulling on Murphy to get him back in the house, cause ya see, those moose looked like fun for chasing and Murph was going fetch one.
So, ya know we went in the dining room to watch out the back window to see mama moose. Well, Kevin goes in the back yard, closes the door - Murphy stays in the house looking out the window with me, the kids, and Krista. Well in all the excitement, Noah left the window and went out back with his daddy and DID NOT close the door. So, Murphy saw this and darted out the back door. Krista and I were so wrapped up in Caleb's excitement at the mama moose, that we freak out when we see Murphy - flying through the back yard, jumping on top of our four ft fence, to get him some mama moose. Then we see Kevin sprinting after Murphy all while mama moose looks like the fence is small potatoes, she is going have some labrador. Well, mama moose decides she is going get baby moose instead of Murphy, since Murphy is being pulled back by a mud covered Kevin, cause you see, it is the rainy season here and our backyard is a swamp, and sprinting in a swamp, well that just gets messy. Oh the excitement random moose bring to our lives. Krista now knows, Murphy and a friendly romp with a moose just don't mix. :)

I have my first girl's night coming up. I am so excited!! No husbands, kids, just the girls. Now all my friends back in SC know how important we take girls nights. This is my first one since SC! I am very ready. The hubbys are going to men's retreat, so we all thought, no better time than this to take advantage of girl time.

Our new nephew should be arriving any day now, hopefully today. Noah and I were making a Christmas present for Andrew. Noah kept saying "but I don't know him". Finally he starting getting it and saying, "William is going to be a big brother like me?" and "I will be older than Andrew", and lots more things. It was sweet. He is wanting to meet him really bad, so let's get on the ball Jillina! hee hee. UPDATE: Baby Andrew arrived safely Friday morning Oct 3. He and parents are doing great. Can't wait to meet you little guy!!!

Noah is still loving school. I have pictures where they had a little party for Johnny Appleseed's bday. They had a little parade and had an all out apple day. It was cute.

Caleb has become quite the talker (big surprise!) and all around meanie. He got put in time-out 3 times last night in his bible class at church. Apparently, his teachers are letting his cuteness get in the way! Looks like Caleb is going to present to me some parenting challenges I never had to face with Noah. Yay me. Yipee. Woo hoo. seriously. Right now I am the mom of the 1.5yr old bully. :(

I have pics to post but not today, I am already running behind. So later.........


Brandi said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "Murphy meets Moose" story. I had the clearest picture of it in my mind. That's hilarious! Poor Murph. Thankfully it was just he running after the moose, and not Noah too. I'm proud of Kevin going out there to save Murphy though...those Mamma Moose are pretty serious.
Congratulations to Jillina and you all on baby Andrew!!! How smart of Noah to put the pieces together.
Sorry about the girl's night, but there's got to be another good one in the near future. They'll all miss you.
We miss you too of course....even more than those girls will. So there.
love, Brandi

Katie said...

Craziness!!!!! I think Caleb and Noah can't help but keep you on your toes!!! Gosh I miss those boys.