Friday, October 24, 2008

In a flash

My October has been insane. I can't believe it's gone, almost.

I'm still check my blog. I just never have a chance to just sit and write my thoughts.

Have a very busy weekend.

I will not say that I hope it slows down, cause let's just face it. Every time I say that, life speeds up.

Goodbye Oct.


The Griffith Family said...

OMY- is that Mary back? I missed ya girl. Just what is it that you are so busy doing up there in the frigid cold? I hear what you're saying the time is flying by really fast- just wait till those boys are both in school and both in sports- you'll soon be going in every which a way!

Brandi said...

The best thing about saying "goodbye October" is that it means saying "Hello November!!!" YAH for November.
And the other good thing about being so busy is that more calories are burned, at least that's what I tell myself when I haven't done specific exercise on a given day!

Ann said...

Keep posting, friend! Miss you!

How's the gym??? Read my blog- ugh for me.