Friday, January 30, 2009

Ok, just a little bit

I am writing this, but want to go to bed, so consider yourselves lucky!  :)

I am going to do this from recent to past so bear with.....

I finished my first sewing project today.  I made a hooded bath towel for a friends baby shower. Yes I took pics and no I am not posting them now, but I will lie to you, and say pics are coming soon.  ;)
This project was so easy that I am thinking I might go on a towel making binge and completely outfit my children with so many hoodies it will look like a rainbow in the bathroom.
I am also going to attempt a zippered pouch.  I found a very simple pattern, and I really really love zippered pouches! 

Caleb has been sick all week.  It always happens when Kevin is gone.  Poor guy has had a fever, croup, and just lies around.  I am hoping tomorrow will bring a new day.  I feel bad for the orthotic guy today.  We had an appt and could not miss it, so asking a 2yr old to try on the new shoes on his brace was like asking the sky to change from blue to purple.  Plus Noah was schooling the guy on all the characters in Toy Story 2 and their role in the movie.  Whew, was I glad that 30min was over!  

Noah has been busy with school and hockey.  He is so awesome.  He is really pushing off on his ice skates and is gliding!  His main objective is to go "super speed".  This has always been Noah's objective ever since he learned to walk, uhm no, ever since he learned to stop crawling and start running.  So, if he pushes a net frame (imagine a small hockey goal frame with no net attached) he can fly across the ice.  He loves it!  However, the goal is to skate without assistance so he can go on to the next step, stick handling, better skating control, etc.  So, when he is skating unassisted, he is still going fast, but not to his level of "super speed".  I can't believe how quickly he caught on, and his determination.  Caleb loves watching.  He now says, "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, hockey today".  We go to hockey on Tues. nights.  He cheers on Noah and usually checks the bag, "helmet, yep, skates, yep, pads, yep".  It is too much to handle.  
Kevin is at arctic survival in Fairbanks.  He spent 2 days learning how survive in extreme subzero temps and has spent the last two nights, surviving.  I will finally hear from him tomorrow night, when he gets home.  Yay!  I am hoping that when he leaves again next week, we can all stay healthy and schedules can be smooth and unchanged cause these past 2 weeks have killed me!

I have not been to the gym since last Wednesday and I have some crazy version of cabin fever.  I have a lot of energy and no way to let it out!  Between church obligations and sick children, I have missed my gym time.  I have my fingers crossed that tomorrow I will get to sweat it out.  I am doing an indoor tri a the YMCA and need lots, o lots of training for my tri sprint in May.  What I really need is Jillian to walk into the Y tomorrow and scream at me, sit on the machines as I lift and just seriously kick my booty!  My good friend is schooling right now to be a personal trainer.   I think I might become her first client.  She is really good at calling me out and making me push it out.  I was reading about eating clean.  I think I am gonna give this a try.  
I got a new point and shoot.  Yes, another one.  Kevin has threatened that if this one gets broken I am just up the creek.  So, I got one with a neck strap instead of a wrist strap.  It was way cheap.  It isn't the greatest, but I have broken the better ones and can't afford to keep doing that.  

We have a volcano that is likely to erupt.  Look it up.  Mt Redoubt.  Let's hope that it calms itself down.  

We had like 3 weeks of -30 degree weather.  Then for 3-4 days it warmed up to like 45.  Bad news, cause all that snow melted, then it refroze into a nice 3-4 inch layer of ice.  Then it dropped back down into the middle teens and is snowing.  Whooopppeee.  
So, this snow covered ice was to blame for my first fall.  Luckily I had Caleb on my hip.  Now before you say, "Lucky?", and give the crazy face, having Caleb on my hip caused me to fall more sideways that straight down on my bottom.  Thus saving my tailbone from another blow, and my hips are padded enough to take it.  Caleb was ok.  He just looked at me and said, "ok mommy?"  

ok.  that 's it.


Born Blonde said...

I feel for you. Especially dealing with so much while he's gone. It seems like everything always happens then. Be careful and hang in there.:)

Jillina said...

Glad your having fun with the sewing machine! It's oodles of fun but where do you have time to sew with two little ones? I haven't been able to dust mine off since Andrew was born. Sigh.

JPJ said...

Nice to see an update of Alaska life--miss you guys and all the little stories of what's happening to you!

Brandi said...

You know I'll be waiting for the pictures of those cute zippered pouches!
Great job little Noah...keep going super fast. If you have to live with the ice, you might as well learn to skate fast.
I hope Caleb is better. We're still fever-y/coughing/up all night I sympathize.
Miss you!

The Griffith Family said...

Glad to see you post... I always look forward to reading up on you all. Life is crazy there just as it is here. Keep posting.

Ann said...

I never seem to get online for the SAME REASONS!
So I'm glad I got to read your post.
Hang in there- we miss ya!