Monday, February 2, 2009

Am I in Charleston?

**After I wrote this I rec'd a call from Kev that he made it safely to Hawaii, where he will be lounging for three days before his mission starts.  Then that if the stupid volcano doesn't blow by the end of his mission (Feb 17) he will be going to Seattle to sit there until it does blow., at least until March.  

I hope he is enjoying the warm sunshine............

So let me deduce...

If I were in Charleston it would be warm - no it is cold here

If I were in Charleston I could wear flip flops all year - uhm no, I have been wearing boots for months

If I were in Charleston my husband would be home for one day and leave again - this is where I become confused, because we live in ALASKA but we are currently having a CHARLESTON schedule....ggrrrrrrr!

Can you tell that I have become very spoiled at this assignment!

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Brandi said...

oh...and if you were in Charleston, there would be some extremely happy friends. (not that there aren't happy people in AK since you're there, but seriously...we've known you longer, too bad for them, that's life.)