Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Close but no cigar...

How sick are you of reading about my attempts to post pics....hee hee hee

So the camera made it upstairs today to sit beside the computer!  The card did not get ejected, the card reader did not get plugged in, so as close as I can come right now is that the camera is close to the computer.  That is all I got....

So, I need to whine just a little.  My husband is gone.  It has been to long, for my taste.  I don't know when he is coming home because of the volcano that sits idling on the verge of eruption.  I can't wait for Friday, cause I finally arranged for a sitter so I can go out with the girls for a couple of hours.  C'mon Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know I have no reason to whine when some of my good friends' husbands are preparing to leave for a year.  I am seriously hating that for them.

Noah had a Valentine's Day party at his preschool.  He asked so sweetly for his mama to be there.  After all, he had made his mama a surprise!  How could I say no?  Well, it almost did not happen.  I dropped Noah off at school (which is on base) and leave base to go to the gym.  I pull in the gym and realize that my ID to get back on base was at home - my home is on base.  Do you see the problem.  I can not get to my house to get my ID, which I need to get back on base to go and pick up Noah.  Thank goodness for my friends who live off base that have an ID to get me back on base AND for those friends who don't mind me calling very early in the morning in a panicking state, yelling that I can not miss Noah's party!  Thanks Krista.  The next Starbuck's is on me.  

So at Noah's party, they exchange their little valentine's for each other.  So cute.  They have a little snack together, where they help serve each other.  So sweet.  Then these two little girls must've let the whole Valentine's Day mojo go to their head.  Suddenly, Noah was the target they sent Cupid out to mark.  OOOOOhhhhhhh no no no no no no.  These girls obviously did not care that mama bear was right there and mama bear is the only one who gets Noah's kisses!  These two, Madison and Lindsey, had to be on each side of Noah, be in all the pictures I took of Noah, and gush and gush about they like hanging out and playing with Noah.  Ok, little girls, you are cute, but this is my boy.  Noah had his head in the clouds and totally dismissed them as if they were toys whose giggle boxes were broken and were trying to work on run-down batteries.  That's my boy.  Typical boy - no interest at all in these little pig tail princesses.  I wanted to take a pic of Noah and his teacher.  I tried my best to keep my voice a little on the hushed side to not attract the attention of the honey flies  :)  But as soon as I raised my camera and halfway depressed the shutter button, and blur rushed by and the cute little pic of Noah and his teacher became a pic of Noah and his herom (sp?)!  His teacher giggled and we packed up and left.  My boy is so sweet.  He made me such a sweet valentine card and was so excited when I got to the party and gave me the best hugs and kisses.  I am very blessed.

So, to top of the day of princess and love overload, after lunch, we watch Beauty and the Beast. :)

Following up on the little thief..................I still feel as though I am not satisfied.  However I can not fully tell if these feelings are rooted in total revenge or just plain being over dramatic.  So I was gonna have a policeman (who is also a friend of a friend) go get the phone for me (I did not need nor want a face to face) and give the boy a good talkin to.  Then I was going to ask the family to drop the phone at the police station and I then go pick it up.  Then all that went out the window when Kevin's friend Jerry called.  Jerry took it out of my hands - which I am thankful for since I am mommy and daddy right now and that keeps my busy and stressed.  So, Jerry meets this guy and gets the phone back.  Apparently, this kid is a foster kid.  The foster parents found the phone and then grilled him about it and the boy fessed up to taking Kevin's money out of his wallet, taking the phone, and helping do it with more kids.  The foster dad was totally apologetic and wants Kevin to call when he gets back in town so they can pay back the money taken and just take responsibility for this.  So, okay that calmed down my over dramatic revenge kick - but I would like to see the boy face-to-face for an apology.  So, case closed.  Lesson learned.

Ok, I have another story, however, kids are waking up, dinner timer is beeping, and we have to go to church.  


Dana said...

At Charleston they have a list with all of your personal information on it, so if you don't have your ID they just quiz you until they are satisfied. I hope you don't forget it again, but if you do maybe they have something similar. I will admit that I did more than once.

Brandi said...

Well well, we seem to have a little Cassenova on our hands... hmm?
O.k., maybe you're right, the girls are just a little too into Valentine's day. But good for you being protective Momma. Sure they're just little girls now, but it's o.k. for them to learn big lessons. Valentine's day for them should consist of candy and card to Momma. Case closed.
Sorry to hear Kevin is still gone. But did you get to have a good "girls' night?"

Brandi said...

oh...just caught up on your other posts. Don't let the dark side of facebook deter you from the joy we get out of blog entries. That addictive facebook!!! I'm sort of addicted too. I've had my FB page for years, but only because my cousin asked me to join forever ago. It wasn't until recently that everyone and their dog got on it and now it's the place to be. But don't neglect your first love. off to check my facebook page. hee hee