Sunday, May 3, 2009


Do you remember Darryl Strawberry?  If you don't know who he is, google him.  World class baseball star who lost it all.  

Well, I was watching Huckabee (what, what?  I love this guy!) and he interviewed Strawberry.  The last thing I remember about Darryl Strawberry is him constantly being in court or arrested for his cocaine abuse.  So, I was quite curious that he was going to be on The Huck.  What a powerful message this man sent!  He has written a new book, "Straw.  Finding My Way".  During his interview, well the majority of his interview, was his testimony.  The way he spoke about God and becoming and being God's disciple was incredible - even more so that it was not censored, edited, etc.  Yes it was Fox news, but c'mon!  It really makes me want to buy the book.  I think I will!  It was great to hear someone, who had all the wordly things most ppl desire - money, fame, etc. -  say those things are worth nothing and proclaim that God's purpose for his life and having God made him more happy than putting on his uniform and running onto that baseball field.  WOW!   

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Brandi said...

hmmm...I of coures don't know who most sports players are, but I still like the sounds of this story. Tell me what you think of the book if you end up reading it. I love when things like this happen and God gets the glory for it.