Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tri, Homer, Soccer

Ok, first the tri pics...

That's me, in the white cap

Ok, so I want you to see all the bikes. Mine is in there somewhere. I am cringing at the thought of posting a pic of myself in a swimsuit......bleh!

So, I had the whole section on our annual Memorial Day weekend trip to Homer Alaska all typed out and blogger totally erased it. BOO! So, now you get it summarized........played in tidal pools, the critter catcher found an eel, big fish in freezer, great weather, good coffee, great friends, campfire, smores, we brought home dirt, shells, rocks, driftwood and stinky clothes. Oh, and there was this festival and the kids made boats. Let your imagination play........OH and enjoy the nice views.............
Caleb fell asleep on the way with a little pizza to wake up to....
Those baby blues are hard to catch in the overcast skies!
Boy did he love touching those fish!

Two happy boys after Maui Waui and Death by Chocolate ice cream!

Best buds....aka The Beachcombers - the critter catcher is the one in the middle!

One of my favorite views

My boys!

Making their sailboats at the Wood and Boat Festival

The finished boats

Krista and her 40lb halibut

Look at my man!!

Along the Kenai River

This was at 11pm, driving home

Tonight Noah had his first soccer game. HOW EXCITING! It was really crazy getting all the details together. His first practice was scheduled for last Tues, but his coach never called. His coach NEVER called. Seriously, this is little league, just call the parents! I get in touch with the director and it was chaos getting info. So, the original coach quit and a couple volunteered tonight to coach at 7pm with the game starting at 8pm. AND who ever has 8pm games for 4yr olds?? Whatever. Noah LOVED it. He ran, jumped, SCORED, did you get that SCORED not one but TWO goals! Go baby go! He was so happy and so were the momma and daddy!

Look at that kick! WOWSA!
Cheering on the team!
So enjoy the pics, they are finally POSTED! YeeHAww!
And if you can't tell from the pics, my cup runneth over.......I am so blessed!


Brandi said...

You post those pictures Ms Triathlete!!! Be were RUNNING in your swinsuit, who else of us can say that? Great job!!
So glad you had a great camping weekend. I can't believe how much older the boys keep looking each time I see new pictures. Noah's hair seems to have really lightened and Caleb is still mini-Kev. Such sweet pictures of them making their boats. Of course Noah kicked goals playing soccer...of course. YAH Noah!

The Griffith Family said...

you amaze me and I love reading your blog. I know I say this every time but while reading I feel your excitement that you share. You are very blessed!

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, you all look healthy and happy! I seems to be so beautiful up there...jealous! Ad YAHOO on your triathlon, that's just plain impressive!!