Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And so it ends.....

Thanks ladies for the advice on the bread makers. Jillina, I have an extra bag waiting on me at my mom's and it can fit a bread maker nicely (if you happen to find it!)! THANKS!!

Summer is quickly dwindling hoo! However, we have a billion things on our plate.

We spent Labor Day weekend at Midnight Sun Bible Camp. I have no words to describe this place. It is one of my favorite places on earth and serious discussions have already taken place about bringing the kids back for their annual week of camp. It is very much worth the trip for what the kids get to experience. It is seriously in the top three of the best places on earth.

Noah started hockey tonight. He did so great. He is improving by leaps and bounds. We are so proud! He is also going to preschool 3 days a week AND has swimming two days a week. With all of this on his plate he finally acknowledges that rest is a good thing!

Caleb got his first pair of hockey skates and had his first time on the ice last Friday. He did really well and asks all the time where HIS hockey gear is and WHY isn't he going out on the ice with Noah. It is too CUTE! Tonight we had a little talk about when he gets to go to preschool and that mommy does not want him to grow up too fast.

Time is going by so much faster than I ever realized.

I am up to my ears in craft projects.......don't know why that is so easy to do! Seems like all my free time is either behind the sewing machine or with knitting and crochet needles in my hands!

And my computer is about to kick the bucket. I am really nervous but am going to take the plunge and become a MAC person. We already own one and does it ever kick booty compared to a PC. I am just nervous about getting all my software converted without putting out extra $$$.

God is giving me such a feeling of fulfillment and happiness. Some things I have been praying so hard about have been revealed to me. Isn't it when that happens, there is PEACE. I love that.

God is GREAT and our family is so blessed. Life is wonderful...........hope yours is too.


Jillina said...

No breadmaker yet but I have not gone through the black hole that is my attic. I've not given up yet!

I am so exicited to see you all very very soon! Since we can't seem to catch each other here recently it will be great to actually have a full conversation! Love you all bunches!!

Brandi said...

Oh how I wish I could be at one of Noah's hockey practices! How amazing is that? Did you ever imagine that (almost 5) years ago your little man would be taking to the ice and hitting hockey pucks....all while little brother follows in his footsteps? That's awesome.
Sounds like camp was amazing and I'm so glad. I love the high after sharing God-centered time with christian family....especially if it occurs outdoors in His beautiful creation. Makes you long for Heaven.
Miss you all!

Courtney said...

Peace rocks. What a great place to be ...may it just keep betting better and better for the Jacksons :)