Tuesday, September 15, 2009

God wanted a turn

So, back in June we had an earthquake here and it was the first one we (as in myself and Noah) felt. I have some windchimes in the house (the boys always ask for a turn to tap them when going up the stairs to hear them tinkle) and they tinkled, some things fell off the wall upstairs, it was really bizarre when it happened.

Now tonight.......let me set the scene.

Noah is getting out of the shower and is babying his big toe. He stubbed it and it bled a little and Mr. Drama that he is, is acting like the toe is broken and only holding on by a remnant of flesh. So I am giving him the "toughen up", "are you really a hockey player boo hooing over a stubbed toe?" Mind you, that he did not even realize it was bleeding until I said, "Hey Noah whats going on with the toe?" Anywhoo, he begins to go into act 4 and proceeds to tell me that he has to nurse his toe in case an earthquake happens, "You know, like the one that made the windchimes tinkle". Oh yeah, okay. He might feel the earthquake and need to brace his toe just in case it might touch the ground cause right now it is too badly injured to be walked upon. - I swear the kid's eye should be brown - He goes back to telling me again all about the earthquake and that God made the earth move and that really - oohhh this was sooo good - "really God just wanted a turn to make the windchimes tinkle". I love you Noah.


JPJ said...

How precious is that!?!

The Griffith Family said...

awwwwwwwww! Got to love em!

Brandi said...

Where does he get his imagination? I love it!! I also love his dramatic treatment of the big toe. Do you even remember when life was so simple that an event like a stubbed toe took up hours of your day? (oh the joys of being four, almost five!) He's just really blessed to have a Mama who is keeping us with these wonderful memories!