Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lovin' Etsy

I was very hesitant about this website - WHY? I don't know. But check out this place. LOVE IT! All cute cute things and reasonable prices. Bonus, everything is handmade. DOUBLE LOVE IT!

Have fun!


Brandi said...

do you know that I just made a purchase from Etsy?? Well, of course you didn't since I didn't tell you. But the lady who makes the handmade beads I LOVE so much was selling some of her jewelry on there and of course I bought more. I didn't spend much time looking around, but it's a cool idea and I'm wondering what great finds you've stubbled upon? It's almost like going to the craft fair....almost. :)

Jillina said...

Welcome to the world of fun! Have you done a local search to see who is close to you? I'm sure you'll know some of them! I love all the cute stuff I can find!

Brandi said...

hee hee....I'm looking back here at your post and realized I said "stubbled upon"
Didn't know you could "stubble" upon anything, but perhaps you STUMBLED upon a great find. That I'd like to hear about. :)