Friday, February 12, 2010

Elephant Toothpaste

My kids love science and knowing how things work. Noah's preschool teacher loves science too so she and Noah are always into something - she even brought in an old clock radio to let Noah and his mates "take it apart". Well, put some cool piece of electronic equip. in front of boys and say "here ya go!" well, taking apart becomes obliterate the clock radio!
Ms. Angie told us of this website with great science experiments for kids. Most use common household ingredients that you would already have on hand. So use your BFF, google, and check out Steve Spangler.
We chose to do elephant toothpaste. It is a must and we had the best time doing it. The boys were so serious - check out their "safety goggles"!

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Brandi said...

Those are the best safety goggles I've ever seen! How much fun...what a great time it must be for Caleb to be the little brother to Noah, and what an amazing time Noah must have being a big brother to Caleb. God is great.
Who would have imagined "elephant toothpaste?"