Sunday, February 7, 2010

N's Valentines

Here are the pics of the finished Valentines (and the crayon hearts after we baked them), as requested. They turned out sooooo cute. Noah is not finished putting them all together. He has 24 classmates, so 24 valentines to address. We agreed to 8/day for 3 days. There are too many other things a 5yr old must do during the day than sit to address an entire set of 24 valentines. These things must be done in increments.
We have just enough for classmates, so another batch has already been requested by and for the boys themselves.


JPJ said...

Love the valentines--way to go Noah!

Brandi said...

Well once again, you've conquered the quest to out-do the ordinary. I love these homemade crayons, and especially that Noah addressed all his valentines...even if it had to be done in increments. I agree, some things have to be done in stages! ;)