Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March: Week 2

The second Saturday of the month we welcomed back home Kevin! He had spent the last three weeks in Thailand. Here to welcome him home was about 2-2.5ft of new snow! The snow banks to the side of our driveway are now taller than me!

Noah sitting almost atop of one of the snow banks beside the drive way. Yes that is my van beside the snow bank. They are so high that it makes for great fun to dig snow tunnels!
Or, try to snowboard down them!
This is Caleb, eh uhm, I mean this is the grumpy dragon guarding the entrance to the snow fort that me and the boys (no really just me) dug out in our front yard. However, because it does not have a roof Noah got bored very quickly and moved on.
No longer a grumpy dragon, Caleb has become a football player and is leaving the locker room (the big hole I dug a the end of the pathway) through the tunnel (the pathway) to head to the football field! Notice the pathway walls are as tall as Caleb and he is standing at a solid 35in without snowboots!
This snow came right in time for the first part of our week three happenings! YAY!

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Brandi said...

o.k., love the posts of course but even more than that, I look at these pictures and realize a few key details such as
1) before even attempting to go outside there has to be labor intensive donning of snow gear for not just one, but two little boys.
2) the size of the snowbank and the tunnels which YOU shoveled are the result of what must have felt like forever...and strength and perseverence like nobody's business
3)That you then thought to take a picture of it all afterward complete with smiles all around, truly amazing.
I'm impressed and wondering to myself...will you REALLY miss all that snow??