Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So long February.........

Well, for most of you March is marking the start of spring. Warmer temps, flowers blooming, time to ease back into sandals and out of boots. Well, good for you! We are going to go out in the 6ft of snow, speed down the hills on skis, slide through woods on those groomed trails, and slice the ice on the frozen ponds. The olympics just fanned the dimming flames of our love of winter sports!

So, while March is emerging I am posting the rest of our February happenings.........

I made a cover for my kitchen-aid mixer. I wake up, walk in my kitchen and smile happily!

Krista and I ran with the reindeer. Yes we ran while a group of reindeer ran through our run. I did it cause it happens, here in Alaska. And by no means is this comparable to the running with the bulls in Spain...........no way comparable.

Yes, my children will fall asleep in a sled, let us pull them around on a frozen pond and then wake up and be so happy! Wait, did I say children, I meant Caleb!

Then, we introduced our kids to P90X. We are going to have the rippest kids on the block! Seriously, the kids do not do P90X, but they like to play on the pull up bar while mommy and daddy do some P90X!


Brandi said...

I love it all! First, how adorable is your mixer cover. My Mom made toaster and mixer covers long ago and I remember them so well. The toaster cover looked like a little house. Anyway, yours is beautiful!
I say, embrace the snow...soon in will be Oklahoma. I'm so glad you've enjoyed Alaska in it's two seasons....Winter, and "a little less winter-like" :)
Loved the running with the reindeer! And your boys are always so hilarious, whether it's sleeping or sculpting muscles. Miss you guys!!

Librarian in the Light said...

Hey! I was at the running of the reindeer too!