Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So I have been told, that when I need my mom most, God will send me someone to help me. It may be a number of different people.

I don't want a substitute.

I guess God is going to change my mind about that.

You may find me kicking and screaming. You WILL find me kicking and screaming.

I don't want a substitute.


Courtney said...

I dont know that someone like a mommy can ever be replaced or substituted for. Whether a brother, mother or child - God has created that space in your heart for that specific relationship and person.

I think it is true that God will fill that space with a feeling of peace and comfort ...but the space will always remain. It wont be "filled" in to the point of completion ...God made it that way.

I believe through my own experience that without feeling those type of losses, we wont long for God, for completion, for total peace and healing. If we dont know what it is like to feel the loss, then we will not take hold of his promise for comfort in that lost.

Total comfort and peace in God's plan doesnt mean that we wont feel that loss, or need it to go away completely.

No-one can really be a "substitute" for your mom, or my brother or someone's child. Other awesome Godly women, other children, other siblings ...not gonna happen.

He will provide everything you need - in one way or another, but that place will remain your mom's. No substitute necessary :)

JPJ said...

No one will ever fill the hole in your heart left by the void of losing your mother. Memories of everything she ever said and did and was, will give you comfort and make you ache at the same time. The rest of us will just try to be a shoulder to lean on and cry on when you need some sympathy or help. So sorry you had to go through this at such an early age. Love you!