Friday, October 29, 2010


I love when things are completed. Here are our Halloween weekend happenings and finally the end of some projects and parties.

Remember those paper mache balloons I made? Well, here they are completed and serving their purpose nicely as Power Ranger helmets. The boys loved these costumes! I loved making them cause it reminded me of when mom made my costumes as a little girl. I hope the boys have that nostalgia when they are older.

I made these, cake pops, for Noah's birthday treat for his class. I got the idea from Bakerella. Google it. She is awesome. And while my dipping skills are not in the same class as hers, alas they will eat the same. She was in TX signing her book. I was so close to going, but got distracted by.........

This. This is Kevin's office. He came home and said there was a competition to decorate the different offices for the kid's halloween party. Ok, put up whatever and have a candy bowl. Then he says, if his office wins he gets a day off pass. AN ENTIRE DAY OFF!! I immediately put Caleb in the car and we were off to the craft store. We built the pirate ship, complete with Pumpkin Head Pirate, stringy cob webs, treasure chest of booty and squishy rats. Let's hope he wins!!!!

We decided that it was time to invest in the future of the NBA. Noah shot 6/6 with no assists and had 6 rebounds. He is in LOVE!!! Happy Birthday to Noah!

To go along with the bastketball theme I made Noah a basketball cake. Or this is my interpretation of a basketball. Noah knew what is was and that is all that mattered!

Noah had his birthday party at the bowling alley. It was so much fun! Who knew they gave you a pin for all of your friends to sign?! It was so cool and is proudly displayed in his bedroom. He had lots of friends from school and soccer come out to bowl and share in his happy day! He even had a very special visitor, Mrs. Madl his kindergarten teacher came by for a few mintues! It was such a highlight! Everyone had a great time. Who knew bowling alley parties could be so fun?!!

After all the birthday festivities we were off to our church for fall festival. The boys got to trick or treat, play games, and top off all the birthday cake with halloween cupcakes, sugar cookies, and 2 pieces of trick or treat candy loot! Let's just say I am thankful for the weekend, and am so glad it is over! :)

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Jillina said...

Yay! What a great weekend! Glad everything went well! The costumes turned out great!!