Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Family Time

A couple of weekends ago I got to go to California for one of my good friend's wedding. I got to see some of my besties from Alaska, which was awesome. I love seeing my gals and being able to travel and celebrate with my friends. Living in the lower 48 does have some perks! Here is Lori, Krista, and me at our table.

I must say that I am liking living closer to family. This past weekend we were able to drive down to Abilene for Kevin's cousin's wedding. (It is wedding crazy around here!) It was great seeing our boys getting to play with and know better their cousins too. It was a little difficult to get all the kiddos together in one picture when they were all dressed up, but nonetheless we got a picture with 3 of them together!

Anyway, at this wedding I saw the cutest wedding favor EVER! They were giving out little tiny jars of homemade plum jelly. They had a little set up with a table with a board that said the couple was "plum" tickled their guests could attend. How cute is that? Love it, something homemade (which will win me every time), and usable, and a great play on words. I was in love! I am banking that one for use in the very very very far off future (my boys!!).

Oh, and I guess my flintstone feet were just too much for my cute silver strappy shoes that matched oh so perfectly to my dress, for they broke. A break that was so bad nothing could hold it together for me to fake it for the rest of the reception. I was so saddened and yes, like any southern girl, I took them off and went barefoot. However, I stayed off the dance floor since it was covered in cute heels of cute little 20-somethings. Until, Noah wanted to dance and I really tried talking him out of it, until the last 30 seconds of this one song. Thank goodness the place was packed and my hubby came out for moral support, even if he didn't realize that that is why I thought he was there! And, it was one less thing for me to remember to pack to bring home.

Well, I just had to post this, cause who doesn't know that Bama is like the best college team in the nation?! Roll Tide!
And just look at the pride of my son holding that flag! A true Bama Man in the making!

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