Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Easter Egg Wreath

I have always wanted one of those cutesy egg wreaths for my front door. However, every time I am at the craft store they are too pricey for my taste. I am also one of those who gets the great idea to make it myself right before the holiday and never get it put together in time for a lengthy display. I am changing my ways this year. However, I did fail with my Valentine Day wreath, and it will be stored until next year :(.

I could not find a great tute for this wreath, so I am offering my so-so tute for ya. I know that it is kinda easy to do, but I always like references.

So, gather up some supplies:
1. Round wreath form - I just got the cheapest I could find. I did not like using a grapevine wreath for this, but you could if you want.
2. Felt - in varying colors. Again, this is personal preference. I had some scraps to use up so I covered the form in all shades of pink felt. You could also use ribbon for this step.
3. Lots of plastic easter eggs. I saw the pastel speckled ones, I really liked those, but couldn't justify the cost. I went to the dollar tree for the ones I used. I think I used almost 40 eggs.
4. Hot glue and hot glue gun
5. Ribbon - I just used some I had in my stash. This will be to loop around the wreath so it can hang from the door.

Now, here we go!
Cover your wreath form in your felt, fabric, or ribbon. This does not have to be all snazzy cause you barely see it since the eggs will cover almost all of it. Only upon close inspection will you see the felt.
Next, start gluing on the eggs. Be sure the eggs don't pop open! My dollar tree eggs held up well to my high temp glue gun. :) I did not do a pattern or place them all in the same position. I just wanted to cover as much of the form as possible. So, in this process my wreath would look lopsided, so I would just adjust by adding more eggs until the whole thing looked uniformly round.
How cute is this chick??!! I saw him at the craft store and he had to come home with me. I wasn't sure what to do with him until I started this wreath. Now he has found his home!
Here is the finished wreath on the door. I just tied the ribbon in a simple knot at the top and hung it on the door hanger. See the chick? So stinkin' cute!

Here it is in full view. I am very happy with the way it turned out and it only cost about $7. AND Caleb helped me put on the eggs. So, this little wreath has some precious memories in it's making. For example, to choose which color would go next, Caleb decided he was an egg machine that popped out the next egg. You can only imagine the laughs we got out of that one!
I just wanted to add this in. I made this wreath for someone in our family. I didn't think they would like the one that I made for our door so I did this instead. I was happy with the way this came out too. Happy Easter (decorating!)!


Born Blonde said...

That turned out really cute!

I wasn't sure what you meant by Easter egg wreath. I guess I'm pretty oblivious except for whatever I'm going in after. I'll have to start paying more attention. :)

Laura said...

Cute, cute egg wreath, but I esp. love the one that you made for someone else with the birdnest and tiny eggs. You and Jillina never cease to amaze me. Hope you guys are well. Love you.