Monday, March 7, 2011

What I Was Going To Do Today....

I was going to clean the house.

I opted instead to take my 3 hours that Caleb is in preschool and visit a widow that goes to our church. She is teaching me to crochet. Even though I know the basics, I sit and enjoy her sweet spirit and patience. She made me rip out my work 3 times! I loved every minute of our conversation. I am going back on Wednesday.

I was going to wash the dishes in my sink.

I went outside with my 4yr old. I am watching him drive his truck through the yard - backwards, ride his bike in the cul de sac, and chase the dog. He is arguing with me now about wearing shorts, but I won't let him cause it is cloudy and chilly. And now he is listening to the birds in the trees and trying to find their nests.

I was going to do the laundry.

Instead, Caleb and I made an Easter Egg Wreath to go on our front door. He handed me just the right egg to be placed in each spot.

I chose to leave the chores today cause sometimes it is necessary to savor what you got. Those things that are not expendable, or could be gone in an instant. That sweet widow will not always be on this earth to teach someone to crochet, and my sweet 4yr old will not always be 4.

I love the house where you live, O LORD, the place where your glory dwells. - Psalm 26:8

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