Saturday, December 15, 2007

Are you ready to read?

Well, here we go...

Where shall I begin?

Lets talk about the Malaspina and the Kennecott. These were the two ferries we rode on from Bellingham WA to Whittier AK. This was an experience to say the least. We sat in a parking lot for about 3hours waiting to drive our car on this floating car taxi. We were excited. The thought of seeing whales and eagles and all kinds of wildlife made the 3 hours seem easy. We rode on the Malaspina to Juneau AK, October 26-29. It was nice smooth sailing and we did see orca and bald eagles. We even saw the spray from a whale. We just missed it by a few seconds. The room was doable for a few days and we knew this was a "poor man's cruise". So, we are still pumped to get to Alaska. Now onto the Kennecott. I do not have a picture of this boat cause I do not want one. The memory alone is enough. The Kennecott is bigger than the Malaspina, newer too, I think. At least it seemed that way. Anyway, I should have thought something was up when as soon as we got out of the car the crew took over strapping our car down not only to the bottom of the boat but the sides as well. Our car looked like it had a Christmas bow on it. We make it into the room, smaller than the last one, but will do. Only a couple more days and we would be in AK. WooHoo! Then the boat began to move. About an hour after leaving dock the swaying began. I have pretty good sea legs, and I don't get sea sick. Let me rephrase, unless I am on the Kennecott I don't get sea sick. Imagine being stapped to a bed and being rocked completely vertical and then vertical the opposite direction. This is how you would sleep on the Kennecott in 25ft seas. I did not sleep and have never taken so much dramamine in my life. I thought we were going to die! I was waiting to hit the ceiling of our cabin when the boat rolled over. NEVER EVER again will I ride a ferry. Been there done that and puked. Lovely. To make things grand, our son, Noah walks around on the boat going, "Mom! The boat is rocking me back and forth and it is soooo COOL!" SERIOUSLY! I wanted to literally kiss the ground when we docked at Whittier, AK.

Can I just say, GET YOUR BOOTY UP HERE! Goodness gracious this place is gorgeous and this pic is not even worthy of being posted. Lack of a card reader is preventing me from posting really good ones. I keep the blinds completely pulled up all the time cause I do not want to miss a moment of this scenery. It is completely breathtaking and I have only seen this miniscule amount that is directly around me. Moose are incredibly cool to see. The only way to explain it is a cow with the legs of a horse and they just hang out in your YARD! Or if you are really lucky you just see this HUGMONGO bull moose hanging out downtown and his rack looks as if he could take out 4 cars with a turn of his head. WOW!

The place where we live is called Moose Crossing - yes moose cross here, that is why it is named so. I give a call into the housing office for some repair work and a recording says, "Residents of Moose Crossing please be advised that a pack of wolves have been spotted int he immediate area. Please be aware when outdoors and educate your children about Alaska's wildlife." Ummmmm, ok. Pack of wolves in my home's vincinty, ummmm the trash can go in the garage for the night and we can build a playground in the living room on top of all the boxes we still have to unpack.

I am trying this video thing and here is the first, I hope it works. This was in the temporary housing. It is too funny. Hopefully I will get more pics of the kids out soon.

So, there it is. I think that is a good start.


The Griffith Family said...

Hey girl. I have been waiting and waiting on a post here about your trip... it's funny you first post about the ferry. I've been tempted to check into that adventure and head your way... i'll at least let you get unpacked and settled-heehee. I can only imagine what the scenery is like there b/c it's absolutely beautiful here in WA as well. I love the video- way too cute. Send it in to AFV...worth a million for sure. I want to hear and see more- keep posting. Here's your chance to "shine" with some great shots of wildlife! I'm so jeoulous... do they have a Navy base around? OH and Jamie was actually in a Tsunami while at sea so he can relate to the sea's a rocking!

Katie said...

I love this video thing! It made my whole day.

Jillina said...

Aww bless him, I just want to pick Caleb up and cuddle him! Look at those teeth!!

I'm lookig fwd to many more pics and video.

The Jacksons said...

Hey Michele! Don't ride the ferry in the winter!!! YUCK! The view here changes every day. Yesterday I saw the most beautiful sky ever and in 20min it was gone. It is a very cool place here indeed.