Thursday, December 20, 2007

Picture Time

Whew! Thank me later...........

Noah's first snow angel!

Caleb in his first snow

An orca I caught a slight pic of on the ferry

Noah and Kev in their first snowball fight

The drive from Whittier AK, to Anchorage, AK

Kev driving the car back on the ferry in Ketchikan, AK

sunrise or set? somewhere in AK while on the ferry

Birthday cake for the 3yr old

Noah on his Bday on the ferry

Bald eagle flying along the ferry

That's my sweet 3yr old guy!

Oh my could you be any cuter??!!

From the ferry window

More on the I-5 Northern Cali

Tilt your head - on the I-5 to Oregon

Kev and the redwoods - Avenue of the Giants

More PCH

Holding the camera over a cliff

The beautiful PCH

Yes, that is me on a redwood!

Oh, puhleez!

Gotta love Mickey

Fisherman's Wharf, San Fran

San Francisco Trolley Car (to the tune from the Wiggles)

There is another photographer in the fam!

The Sea Lions, somewhere on the PCH in CA

On the beach in Corona Del Mar, CA

Oh yes, I am Superman (I hope you are old enough to remember the Superman Movie)

Hoover Dam

Grand Canyon

Hello Grand Canyon

Route 66! This is where Lightning McQueen got lost (some of you will know what this means!)
Kevin beside a petrified tree, and yes we stole a piece!
Sunrise in the rearview as we left Albuquerque, NM
Somewhere East of Amarillo, TX. You could see this cross from many miles away.
Got my blanket and my Buzz, let's hit the road!
1st day driving - from AL to OK
Titan Fans #1
Give me that mean face!
Now let me show you how to drive this baby!!
Is that Batman as a baby??


Ann said...

Wow, I am so jealous- these are awesome and you are getting to see so much! This reminds me of our XC trip the summer of '05...

My favorite pic is the drive from AK to AK with those MTS in the background!!! Amazing!

So good to hear from you!

JPJ said...

Love the photos--cant wait to see more!
Hugs & kisses

hiflyin_lady said...

Hey girl,
Absolutely loved the pictures - my favorites are the kids in their snowsuits and "Now let me show you how to drive this baby!!"
You've compelled me to start my own blog, definitely a every now and then blog, so we'll see how I do.

Merry Christmas!

Courtney said...

LOVE the pictures! What great memories you guys are makin' - I know you are cherishing every moment. So excited for you guys!

The boys are beautiful, and Caleb looks just like you!