Friday, May 16, 2008

Well, where to begin

WHEW!!! So much going on I had to put the blog on the back burner!

Sunday was Mother's day. It was nice. I was treated to a lunch at the Sourdough Mining Company and was given a sterling silver bracelet with some very special inscriptions. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and GREAT kids. I love them so very much.
This past Wednesday my husband was initiated into a group that it takes some time to get accepted in to. He joined the elites of the 30-something club! We celebrated with a great dinner at the Glacier Brewhouse. Kevin's commander is so nice and gave him the day off on his bday. Which turned out perfect since Kev's dad and stepmom were in town. So we all loaded up and drove down to Portage, Ak to hopefully see some glaciers close up. We get to the port to get on the boat and we see a sign saying the first boat wasn't leaving until May 16! Bummer. However, we did get to see some awesome scenery, eagles flying everywhere, animals of all sorts at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, a moose in the parking lot of the evil empire - McDonald's, and just make some good memories together. The kids loved having their grandparents for a week. Noah got up this morning asking for them, still putting it together that they had to go back to TN. So now he wants to go to TN! How sweet.
Oh and in the midst of this week, Caleb gets this weird rash all over himself, so we had to throw in a visit to the pediatrician. Nothing serious, just a common rash, and he looks like he is over it now.
Now, I am focused on our camping trip for Memorial day weekend. We have lots of things to try and find (hopefully at a thrift store for cheap-o). Camping here is going to be very different than camping in SC. I can't wait to see what happens.

Also, I found out that we have another nephew to add to the family! My SIL, Jillina, is having another boy. So her husband, Mark, and Kev can now have the basketball team they have always wanted!! YAY Cabbys!!!

My BFF has started her blog. I am sooooo happy cause I am so far away from her and she is going to be a mommy times 2 in just a few weeks. So now I will be able to keep up with my "nephews" on her blog. YAY!!! Oh how I wish I could be there in person to see them when they are born!

Oh and this week for maintaining the weight loss goals was hopeless. I managed to fit in one night on the treadmill. I was feeling really bummed until I read something that was sent to me this morning. How ironic it comes today. So here is my motivation to all those who read this nonsense that is my blog:

If you forgot to brush your teeth last night, did you decide this morning to throw in the towel and never brush your teeth again? Since you're obviously a slob who doesn't have enough self- discipline to remember to brush your teeth, why bother brushing them at all if you forgot to last night? Of course this is ridiculous thinking. So if you had ice cream for dinner last night, or didn't exercise yesterday, or gained a pound this week, don't throw in the towel! Make a healthier choice for dinner tonight by eating something lean. Go for a short walk. Weigh in again next week.
Just do NOT give up.


Brandi said...

I'm so glad you had a good visit with Kevin's Dad and stepmom. I LOVE when family gets to the way are you still going to be here for the July 4th weekend??? Please say yes.
Oh and I meant to tell you that I am too nervous and too much of an amateur at the moment to rate my blog (with it's limited postings) and it's reading level. But the idea is hilarious to me. Love it!
As for your latest posting about "throwing in the true it is. I agree completely. I think the reason we give up on things like eating good and exercise is that we get to be too hard on ourselves for missing a day or two...things like that. I think you have to factor in weeks such as when in-laws are visiting, you're celebrating Mother's Day and your sweetie's THIRTIETH birthday!! (By the way, Kevin...welcome. It's a great club to be in. I've been here for years, I'd know.) How did he like his album??? So, those are my thoughts about all of that. Until next time...
love, Brandi

Cryssy said...

I'm still jealous that you get to see moose on a regular basis. I miss seeing wildlife (even if it is armadillos, roadrunners, and coyotes). I'm so glad that you are enjoying your time in AK!! Wish we were there too but I'm kinda happy that I'll get to see the Greene boys make their entrance. Sorry you won't be here. What a party we would have had!!