Monday, May 5, 2008

21 Days In

I have been doing sparkpeople for 21 days and have lost 6 pounds! Avg. of 2lbs/week. Not too bad. But I wonder if that is too fast? My remedy to my last dilemma - not enough protein - was to go back to the old standard protein shake. I concocted a recipe that fits my needs and am finally adjusting to the taste, again. Drinking an 80cal protein shake is not for the weak stomach - powder, water, 1/2c frozen strawberries (just enough to make it a light pink color). It works.
Only 14 pounds to go!
I am going to be brave and do a spin class tomorrow. Last time my butt hurt so bad! So, I am going out today and getting a pair of bike shorts. They have a little coosh for the toosh. Lets hope that helps. All the spouses in our squadron are getting together, and Regi (the one with the turkey mentioned at Thanksgiving) is the spin teacher. She kicks the guys booties when she does their PT, so I am preparing to not be able to walk out of the gym OR just fall off the bike and die.
I was able to run 2.0 miles at a 10min/ mile pace without dying today. That felt good. I almost felt like I cheated myself when I slowed it down. But that is for me to deal with on Wed. when I meet the treadmill again.

Kevin is home!!! YAY!!! The boys are completely different children that what I had while he was gone. It is amazing what a little extra testosterone in the house can do for toddler boys. It was like the pack leader came home and they could now function properly again! HA! The first day Noah actually sat at the table and not once did I have to repeatedly tell him to eat his dinner. He just did it. And for those of you who know Noah, for him to eat his food willingly is a miracle!
So, Kev and I have been rearranging the house and we have put the boys in a room together. This is taking some adjusting. Noah likes to stay up and sing and talk in the dark, while Caleb just wants to sleep, don't mess with Caleb's sleep, rule #1. Rule #2 don't mess with Caleb and his food. So, Noah has been wanting to talk, Caleb to sleep, and last night Caleb is just fussing at Noah. The first night Noah was telling Caleb to shhh! Now Caleb knows what Noah does and is now screeching at him! It's kinda funny, but we know when Noah is up cause he and Caleb start going at it. They are either giggling or fussing! Caleb is taking really long naps to make up for his night sleep his is missing.
Having Kev home is sooooo nice. I have my BFF back and can actually have some adult conversation at night when the kids go to bed. The kisses and hugs aren't bad either. But it is always nice to have someone to laugh with when the office or seinfeld is on late night.
We have some of the "rents" coming in this weekend. Kev's dad and stepmom. We are looking forward to that. We have not done too much touristy things because of getting settled and adjusting to the snow, etc. So we have a few things planned for when they come. Maybe they will be up for going and visiting some glaciers.
The snow is gone and that means the bears are awake. Kev went to the store that is 1/2mile from our house. Saw a black bear on the way. Yipee! Where is the nearest gun store??!! The moose here are calving, which means they are having babies. So, another thing we have to be careful of. Ahhh spring time in AK. And Noah is dead set on seeing a wolf. great. The road to Denali NP is opening. I am excited about driving up there. Hopefully Kev can get a nice weekend at home and we can go prowl around a bit.
So, alright you are caught up. I am a little less, the lead dawg is home, children are tame (for the moment), wild animals are emerging and multiplying, and I am finally caught up on laundry!!!!!!!


Ann said...

YAHOO for you! Great job!

Sounds like you are losing at a reasonable pace- 14 more pounds would be 7 more weeks. Maybe I shouldn't say that...:o)

GO GIRL! GO SPIN! I did my 5th class tonight, it's gettin' more bearable...ha!

Brandi said...

Mary I'm so impressed with you!!! And I'm so glad Kevin is home and your family is enjoying some happiness. (I've always admired military wives for all that they endure, so know my admiration for you is great.)
I think your two pounds a week is just perfect. (At least that's what the Biggest Loser always said. Slow and steady.) As far as you drinking your protein shakes, once again I'm impressed. I was recently told by my dr to drink Metamucil everyday until these boys get here.... and I reluctantly choke the stuff down but not happily. So great work up there!!
I hope you do get a chance to see some sights when your in-laws arrive. Been to Seward yet? They do have good day cruises and whale watching tours (although I'm not sure if it's still a bit early for that.)You can take a day cruise and see the glaciers "calving" which I know you'd get great pictures of. Anyway, best of luck to you at your spin class today. I know you'll do great!! Go Mary Go!!
miss you, Brandi

Cortney S said...

Mary-its Cortney Seaton. I finally gave in and got a blogger account b/c I was sick of needing an invitation to view Krista's blog...even if she doesn't update it much (are you reading this Krista!). I have not been on your blog for some time and I cannot believe how your babies have grown! It is amazing. I am also really proud of you for losing weight. I am starting 8 weeks of south beach today and have lost,to date, over 21 lbs. It really just becomes a lifestyle. I am not familiar with the diet you are doing, I will have to google it later, but I do have a protein shake that EAS makes-I am out right now, Jesse drank my last one!-but it has 0 sugar which is MY big thing to watch. I will check the carb count (should still be low) and get back to you. There are 17 g protein in it and when I don't feel like eating, one of these is always good. I am also trying to drink one if I can't get some protein food down within thirty minutes or so of a good workout. It makes a ton of difference-you have to feed those muscles! Ha-ha. Two lbs a week is considered healthy by nutritionists, there is one on staff where I work out, and that is very healthy. It is slow enough to keep it off and fast enough to motivate! So congrats to that.
I am not sure about Noah wanting to see a Black Bear-that is scary but maybe that is scary to me because I know to be scared! I still can't believe how big he looks in the pictures. Well I am writing a novel and really just wanted to say Hi to you and Kevin.
Have a great day girl.

Katie said...

You are a rockstar!!! Congrats! I'm glad the Jacksons are all together :)

Jillina said...

Hope spin class went well last night. I thought about you working hard and resisited having a 2nd hunk of Milka, so thank you!