Sunday, November 2, 2008


*Noah turned 4

*Caleb learned to count to 5

*I have had photo shoots almost every weekend and am booked into December!

*We are preparing to visit DisneyWorld

*We had a birthday party for Noah with firefighter Kevin (aka Daddy)

*I learned to knit, somewhat, I finished a hat for Caleb, but it was too small.

*Noah now uses the big people seat belt in his new booster car seat

*Caleb says "cool"

*Kevin has been flying like crazy

*I have been swimming at least 2-3 times a week - learning to swim efficiently is tough

*Caleb is asking to go potty and has succeeded at the "poo-poo" (once) - I know you all love to read about bathroom experiences!

*Caleb was a zebra and Noah was a dragon for Halloween

*maybe, just maybe pics will come later.


The Griffith Family said...

missing ya girl... I know how life can get though so I understand the neglect here... heehee.

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!! Wow...where did those four years go? I love that Caleb says "cool" and I'm always impressed with your work-outs. (Keep being inspiring, it's such a positive influence.)
I'm so glad you're taking pictures for everyone...I know they're loving your work. Oh...and let the Disney Magic live on!!!

Jillina said...

Yay lots of updates! Things are really busy for you guys right now - wow I'm tired just thinking about all that and jealous about Disney. William told us he would pay for the food if we went back - what where did he get that?

Ann said...

Good to see what you've been up to!

Swimming, wow! I don't swim...well.

Disney?!?! I'm SO JEALOUS! When? Will you visit us too on the way???

phyllis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH! Caleb is so cute. I miss you guys. Big Hugs for everyone. Have fun in Fla. with the gang. Too much fun. love you guys