Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jet Lag

Whew! 6 fun filled days at Disney, in combination with 2 days of flying with a little bit of a lingering cold, can really tucker a girl out! However, I can never get enough Disney! Seeing the kids experience things for the first time, and find the Disney magic is just so cool.
For most of the "big" rides you have to be 40in tall. Noah is 39. I was going to try and sneak him through. They stopped us on them all, and their measuring system is a little off. Their bar was well 2in over his head and I measured him just before we left and I know he did not shrink on the way to Fl. Well, when we got to Kali River Rapids, the requirement was only 38in. We walked up, Noah stood proud and tall at the measuring bar. The guy working the entrance then said, "ok little man give me your hand for a stamp and you need to wear this bracelet". Noah's eyes got so big, and in his loud booming, full of pure Disney magical excitement, he says, "Does this mean I get to go?!!" I reply with the confirmation, and boy did he look like he was walking 4 inches taller. He loved the ride so much, we rode it 4times in a row. Yes, the crowds were light, and we didn't even get off the ride. 4 times around the rapids. He was in heaven. His first "big" ride. Later I saw a shirt in the star wars area that read on the front, "Measure me by my size, do you?" and on the back was a pic of the measuring bar with mickey ears hanging on it. I almost bought it for Noah, but unfortunately they didn't have his size.

Caleb was so funny. He loved seeing Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy (which Caleb says OOF-ee). He would squeal with delight but would only get about 1ft away from them. He didn't want to hug them like Noah does. Caleb just handed them his autograph book, and squealed! It was so cute. Mickey and Buzz were by far his favorite. He danced when the parades came through and kept a huge smile on his face. I have to say the kid is so cute that the characters and performers would always find him, come over and just entertain the kid! He was a pro at the Crystal Palace, where we dined with the characters. He joined in the parade and walked around like a champ. It is hard to believe that just a year ago, he was at Disney, only three months old, wearing his brace, and not crawling or walking, just slobbering! WOW!

Not only did the kids have a great time, but Kev and I did too. We got to have some great company to join us (some of a great great friends from SC met us there) and we got to catch up over a nice game of farming fury! HEE HEE!! If you have never played The Farming Game, well you are missing out on a heated game of hard core sarcastic threats over cherry crops, cows, and hay! Love it!!

The first couple of days were great; welcoming warm sunshine and humidity. However, this quickly turned south, when a cold front moved in and gave us temps in the 50's! I packed tank tops and shorts - not long sleeves, pants and jackets. This just gave me a good excuse to get some really cute Mickey gear!

On a sour note: We were 3 days into our vacation, at Epcot, seeing "the world". I am doing my usual, snapping pics. When something happened. I don't know what happened, but something did, cause it made me move my arm in a very quick downward motion. Well, the wrist strap on my camera, which was attached to my wrist, very securely I might add, was no match for the force of the downward motion of my arm. The camera flew off of my wrist and yes, yes, it smashed into the ground. I have only had this camera for 3 months!!! I pick it up. YES, it is still working! It worked fine the rest of the evening. The next day however was a different story. Giving the camera a break was what it needed to finish it's job and completely break. BOO camera BOO! Thank goodness for disposable cameras and my iphone. It helped us finish out the vacation with somewhat passable pictures. At least I have memories somewhat captured, right?

So, now we are back in AK. Watching the snow pile up, and getting ready for the holidays. Thanksgiving is HERE??!!! Wow!
Just a few things I am thankful for:
my God, my husband, my kids, my health, my husband and kids health, my family, my friends, where I live, and so many more abundant blessings God has bestowed on me and my family.
This is such a great time for reflection and appreciation. Remember what this holiday is about and give thanks and be thankful.

I would be VERY thankful if someone would help me clean my house! Any takers??? :)-

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!


Jillina said...

I can't wait to see some pictures from your trip. William still talks about going back. every. single. day. Naturally I did not tell him you guys were there. :)

Brandi said...

why is it that when we con Tracy into playing a game, she ends up winning every time???!