Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine's Day

I am super-dooper excited about Valentine's Day this year. Reason is, is that Noah is all into it too. So, he and I have been planning since early January the Valentine's Day valentines to give to his classmates. We got the candy melts, a cute little mold, sucker sticks, picked the ribbon; oh we were gonna have a "sweet" crafting day! You can only imagine our HUGE sadness when, well let me lay it out.....

- I got Noah's preschool calendar for Feb.
- It stated it was Dental Awareness month; it's usually in March
- The week of Valentine's Day it stated "Please do not bring candy for Valentine's"

WHAT?! Oh we are so sad. So instead, I am going to make the little suckers with the boys - and then let them have one everyday until Valentines!! And of course give some away, cause I think we have enough stuff to make like FIFTY! Yay! Fun times.

So, now I am scrambling to find something cute for Valentine's. Simple store bought ones just are not gonna do! So HERE is what I found. If you have a buh-zillion broken little nubs of crayons like I do - this is gonna be great for you. OH and if you have a child in need of valentines.

Spread the love.....happy crafting!


Born Blonde said...

Another idea: One year, Tim and I made homemade playdough (super easy) and dumped a package of cherry koolaid in the liquid before we mixed it up. It turned out red and smelled SOOOO good. We cut it into big thick heart shapes and packaged them in cellophane bags. Everyone loved it! The heart shapes didn't last long cause they started playing with it. The teacher even asked for the instructions and told me that next year while I waiting in the pickup line that it was their class craft.

Mary J said...

Thanks Shelia!

Brandi said...

O.k., first, sorry for the ridiculous "no candy" rule at school for V-day, but I love that the boys will have just as much fun making them with you and enjoying the fruits of their labor as well. The memories will be well worth it.
Second...and don't think I'm clueless, but I love the idea of your homemade valentine's cards...however I'm wondering if there's a picture to go with that? :)
Love your creativity!