Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moving with ease

I decided I would be crazy and jump on a bandwagon. I convinced myself that it was good to hop on board, after all, I saw my husband take a ride on this wagon and he was fine. I have been on the wagon for three days, and let me just say.............


This wagon I jumped on, it would be the one and only P90X wagon. I have finished day three. However, I thought I would be a tough gal and add on 30min-1hr/day of cardio on top of it. Let me just say there is not one muscle that moves/twitches/relaxes without me feeling it!

My abs told me today they had had enough. While in the middle of Ab Ripper they go completely numb. Yes, numb. I could not feel my midsection. I guess the pain was to unbearable that my brain blocked all the nerves and said "NO MORE! YOU CRAZY PERSON!"

Although I feel as though someone has been beating me with a mallet while I sleep, I will not give up. After 90 days I will have Jillian Michael's arms and J. Lo's booty. I will be victorious.

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