Friday, January 7, 2011


1. Ever since I read my friend's post about folding and organizing sheets, my bed sheet changing has never been the same! I highly recommend that when a sheet set is folded, slide the set into one of the matching pillow cases and your linen closet will thank you and your mind will thank you when you don't have to tear the closet apart to find the missing matching pillowcase. To read her post for clearer instructions click HERE. This is a life improving tip, trust me.

2. Macadamia Nut Oil Treatment for your hair. Oh my word!!! I could write a book about this stuff. I LOVE it! My stylist used another product like this (Moroccan Oil) on my hair and the smell was way too much for me. Then my hubby's cousin, Sarah, from Hair Thursday actually did a video on these oil treatments and mentioned the Macadamia Oil and how it did not smell as strong. You can see the vid HERE if you like. So, I researched it a little, got some reviews, checked pricing, etc. After one application my hair was like silk. I was a little girl again who wanted to just suck her thumb and twirl her hair! I use heat on my hair almost everyday, plus the use of a flat iron, and I get my hair colored (by the way I had red highlights put in and this has not affected my color at all, and we all know how sensitive red can be!). All that can do some damage no matter how careful you are. This oil, is the bomb. I have seen dramatic improvements in my hair and love it. Now, it is a little on the pricey side. $36 for a 4oz bottle. Ouch, I know! However, I can justify the cost when it takes me like a year to use the bottle! A little goes a long way, trust me. I love the smell, so I added a little (ok a lot) extra to my hair and my hair was as limp as a wet dishcloth (however, not at all greasy). Use just the right amount (about dime size for my middle of my back length hair) and it is just right. If you have short hair, well this could be a lifetime supply for $36 (the price is the same no matter where you look). Worth it, right? I thought so. Go to Ulta now and get some. PS - if you have long hair u will love this - using this oil cuts your drying time in half. Well, maybe not in half, but it does help get it done faster!

3. Ever been to Alaska? No? Book your trip now and if possible could you spare some airmiles for me? Thanks.

4. That is all

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Leslie said...

Hey Mary! Just discovered your blog. Thanks for coming to our wedding! We loved having you guys there. I can't wait to try the Macadamia Oil Treatment. Sounds like we have similar hair that requires flat ironing :) AND - I get to go to Alaska for the first time this summer! My husband's family is taking everyone on an Alaskan cruise! I can't wait. Wish you could come :)