Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let's say "See You Later"

Oh happy day! 2 more days left in AL. I can't wait until we get on the road. I still don't think it will feel official until we are there, in Alaska, in our house, with our things. It is a warm and toasty 33 degrees in Anchorage, as I am typing this. Kev has the temp on his desktop. :)

Kevin and I played against each other in a game of flickerball yesterday. So much fun. The refs were calling some crazy/funny/ridiculous calls which made the game even more fun. The kids just sat on the sidelines watching us. This was a game of husbands versus wives or students versus spouses. Kev had to play this game every week as part of his SOS requirement. We had a great time playing each other. Oh yeah, my team won!

His flight (or group he is in) has done really well at this school. They are ranked #2 among 30 flights. He has done a great job here ( I am so proud!) and he is so glad that it is over. He had his last briefing on Monday. That was the last major assignment. I think he just has to breeze through today and tomorrow and Friday he will attend graduation in the morning. The Tuskegee Airmen are coming tomorrow to speak. That should be interesting, and we get to attend too. Then he has graduation practice and he should have an early day. I hope we can take the kids to the fair tomorrow. The fair is in town and it opens tomorrow when Kev's work day ends.

This past weekend we were treated to a Titans game, BIG shout out to the Crossville Jackson's. IT WAS AWESOME! We took the kids and they did GREAT! Noah loved it. Sad thing was the movers got everyone's jerseys before I could, so we did not have them. Kev and I were going to get new ones anyway so we did Sat before the game. Sun morn Noah comes down and everyone was in their jerseys and he said, "Momma, I want to be a Titan too". Well, that did it. Come hell or high water I was going to make my baby a Titan. So, Janice and I got in some major exercise walking, what I think was the entire area of LP Field to find a toddler jersey. We were successful in our searching and the joy on Noah's face when we finally got to the seats and I showed him. It will never surprise me what a momma will do for her children. It was so worth everything cause on the walk back to the car, after the game, Noah tells Kevin, "Daddy, that was so cool". I will never forget that.

I was also an emotional wreck when we left. Kevin and I were both like, "What is wrong with you/me?" I didn't cry leaving any other weekend we visited family. I guess overall, it was just the fact that we were leaving. No more only being 7 hours away from family. No more weekend family visits. This was the last one. We thought the time would drag by being in Montgomery, but now it seems like it flew by.

Weird, that this is my last blog entry for a while. We will be going across the country, and I don't really know if there will be time for blogging.

My last updates on the boys - this is only temporary :) -

Caleb has 3 teeth! WOW! He is a snaggletooth with two on the bottom and one on the top. It is so cute when he smiles! He is really pulling himself up to standing and I assume will start cruising in the next month or so. He has not gotten anymore hair. Which is funny. His foot is still doing great and we will be seeing the ortho guy in Seattle at the end of this month.

Noah will be 3 in a few weeks! I can not believe it. Three years ago he was a itty bitty baby. I think I will have a break down when he turns 5. I can't believe how fast the time goes. 3 years of my life have been so awesome with him around. He is a great kid and I love watching him grow. His leg is doing GREAT! It looks so much better and it seems like it should be completely healed in about another week or so. The salt water compresses we have been doing have really helped.

Ok, adios for now. Next time I will be in my igloo in AK, Lord willing.

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