Monday, October 1, 2007

Counting Them Down

We are almost there. 2 weeks and counting. This is Kevin's last extremely busy and tedious studying week; his last test, last paper, and warrior run (5.5 miles) week. I will be so glad to see this week come and go! 2 weeks and we are on the way to Alaska; 2 weeks closer to giving the boys some kind of stability, having our own bed, and a clean house, a house not a dorm room!
We are looking forward to the end of this week. We are taking our last family trip to Crossville (Kevin's dad) and being treated to a Titans game. We are so excited. Not only do we love the Titans, we are so pumped we are going to take Noah. This was going to happen last year on his birthday, but he got sick with a stomach flu. So, this is finally it. A great way to say goodbye to the South, introducing our oldest son to NFL football, live!
Last weekend was spent with my dad and my grandparents. Noah fed the horses carrots and wanted to go in the pasture every chance he could get. My grandmother has two mini daschunds (sp?) and they love to lick and sniff. Noah was not keen on this idea, and he kept telling them "No No!" My dad introduced me to Ol Time Pottery. LOVE IT! Kevin was not as enthused at this introduction. hee hee! Anyway, it was a good trip and a good time, and my dad has to make a trip to the post office with a box of goodies. :-)
Noah told us again last night while driving home that he wants our stuff, his toys, and our house back. 2 weeks can't go by fast enough. Caleb has an top tooth pushing through, slowly. Wish teething could be easier and painless.
Today, Noah and I did a little sidewalk art with the sidewalk chalk. He got covered head to toe in chalk dust, so I took him in to get a bath. I ran the water, walked out of the room to get him ready, walked back in the bathroom and the bathwater looked like I had killed someone in there. It was dark ruddy red! No wonder I can not get his leg to heal!! I am furious at this. How long has the water had gunk in it? It has not always been totally clear, but I thought it was because the bath tub is not exactly white. Today confirmed my suspicions, the water is gross. I have been buying spring water to cook with and drink, but I thought we could at least bathe in the water. I was so wrong. He gets showers from here on out. I may even be so bold to use spring water and give him sponge baths, just to be sure his leg is kept clean using clean water. I can't believe I was letting him soak in the bath water thinking it was going to help his leg, when all along it was probably instigating more infection. I really need prayers for Noah's leg. He favors it so much now, I really don't know how much more he and I can take of this wound not healing.
2 weeks and counting............


Jillina said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!

Cryssy said...

Poor fellas. Poor momma. Missin you guys somethin crazy. Not long now and this will all be a memory. Good scrapbook stuff. God's got all of you in his arms.