Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No more driving!!!......well sort of

Continuing from the previous entry......

We had dinner with the Whiting's, and had a great time. I saw the most awesome scrapbook room known to man! Tammy has this room ( and oh yes, I took pictures ) that is a scrapbooker's dream. My picture hopefully will help for me to recreate this room or at least one similar. Well, if we ever get a house! Kevin couldn't believe how their children had grown. They are teenagers now, and Kevin first met them when the youngest was in utero. Their oldest really made an impression on Noah, and Noah was his shadow all night long. It was so cute. I could tell that Noah is really craving that social interaction, playing with friends. We left the next morning going to San Francisco. We took the PCH (pacific coastal hwy) most of the way up. It was the most gorgeous drive. I think we must have stopped a zillion times so I could take pics of the coast, the blue Caribbean like water, huge rocks and BIG waves. The edge of the road was a cliff that dropped straight down. It was just beautiful, we did not want to get back on the main road. Anyway, we make it in to San Fran late b/c of the drive and just decide to call it a night and hit downtown the next day. So, we took Napa out of our plans and decided that would be an anniversary trip. We really like San Fran. It was a neat city and of course we had to ride the trolley. Noah loved this. However, the lines for the trolley were HORRID! We finally figured out that it was easier to jump on the trolley a couple of stops up from the original loading point, and avoid standing in line. We went to Ghirradeli sq. and I found this place called Kara's cupcakes. Oh my, oh my! I took pics of these little gems. And three went home in a box. I think it was the best cupcake I ever put in my mouth, and you know my choc-a-holic son loved his too. A trip to San Fran would not be complete without 2 things; a trip over the Golden Gate and a trip down Lombard St. Noah loved the bridge. Kev and I were a little disappointed with Lombard, cause it was man-made. We thought, before seeing it, that is was just part of the way the road was made and the whole length of the road were these twisting tight curves. But hey, we have now officially been there, done that. Oh yeah, we also hit up Fisherman's wharf. Talk about some tired puppies that night b/c upon arriving in the Union Sq garage in downtown San Fran, we realized we had forgotten the stroller and the snugli baby-carrier! So, we literally hauled these kids up and down the rolling hills of San Fran the entire day. So on to Portland on Tues., well not exactly. We started the drive and got caught driving through the Ave of the Giants. This scenic road goes through the giant redwoods of northern Cali. BIG Detour. Kevin and I could not get our eyes full. We made stop after stop and drove so slow to take it all in. It was simply amazing. The trees are so awesome and hopefully our pics will turn out. So, instead of getting to Portland in 10hrs we were looking at 15. So what did we do, stop in a smaller city just short of Portland? Nope, we took on 2 more hours in the car and made it to Tacoma. Oh yes, we are nuts and dog tired today. We took on 17 long hours in the car. However, the payoff is a short 1.5 hour drive to the ferry. No more 4,5,6, or 10 hour drives. One more short drive onto the boat on Friday. Typing that is simply glorious. I think our entire family reached it peak of "Yeah this is a fun cross country trip!". Towards the end of the trip we were deciding what we could not see and be ok with, so we could get here in WA faster.

I won't be able to publish on the appropriate day so......


On Oct 29 will be the big day. We will be in Juneau, AK. This kid is so awesome and 3yrs has went by way too fast. I can't wait to see how much cooler he becomes in the year to come.

Now on to something funny............

Here is a pic I took of Caleb and as soon as it snapped was deemed blog worthy. Enjoy the laugh.
I couldn't get the video of Noah to load will try again later.

Will probably post next time, from Alaska.

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