Monday, January 18, 2010

The Birthday present

I have been wanting to make a quiet book for the boys for quite some time. I had been gathering supplies slowly for about 8 months and then thought; no better time than a birthday to get it done. So this is what I gave CJ this morning.......and the reason the iron is in the pic of his bday breakfast. I was up VERY late finishing this!
I couldn't get it to rotate, so please rotate your head. :)

The very last page is the last of the ABC's. Inside the teepee is a little boy, a campfire, and all the goodies for a camping trip. I can't wait to take this to church!


JPJ said...

Love the book--this is so great. Did someone say Martha Stewart II?
Way to go, Mary!

Dana said...

That is really cute and creative.

Brandi said...

O.k., future craft fair merchandise. No question-- a top selling item. Maybe you can retire Kevin. :)