Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Handy Items

Things cross my mind during the day and I say I am gonna blog them and then I don't. However, today I turn a new leaf, so to speak.

-- I never knew much about 20 mule team Borax until I forgot to check a leg pocket on a pair of Noah's cargo pants - from the Gap, handed down, but looked brand new, were gonna last through Caleb -- I pulled them from the washer and found a very deep nasty green stain from a non crayola brand crayon. It was deeply set in. No hope. Until Borax. It got most of it out - this is one tough crayon. Anyway, I decided to use this more in my laundry - especially the more grimy things like dog bedding, the kids blankies, which get trashed beyond belief, and items of that type. I am impressed. It is cheap and may just become a staple in the laundry room. Apparently it has lots of cleaning qualities that can be used around the house, from what I have read on the side of the box. I just haven't went there yet.

-- If you have a kid who is all about reading - like Noah - you must visit This website is GREAT for beginning readers. It is rewarding and they can learn more about "the silent e" "sh" and "ch" sounds. Noah LOVES it and I do too. He loves when he can sit and read an entire story.

-- If you love Harry and David's pepper and onion relish as much as I do - but you don't want to pay the price or, in my case, pay the horrendous shipping, go HERE for a recipe on how to make your own. I have prepared this linked recipe, reducing the sugar (of course) by 1.5 cups. Let me just say I don't think you can get any closer to the original from the store! Also, I love the website that posted the recipe. I go there everyday (almost) and find so much inspiration.

Ok this entry has taken longer than it should've. I think two little blessings are to blame for that. Because of my intermittent breaks I have forgotten some things I wanted to blog. Hey, 3 things ain't that bad! Probably a good thing I have forgotten some or you might be here reading, and reading, and reading, and.........

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Brandi said...

I've used Borax before and thought it was pretty amazing too. I haven't tried any Harry & David's pepper and onion relish so can't comment on that...but I have tried a homemade recipe for copycat Red Lobster cheesy biscuits that was pretty good.