Wednesday, January 6, 2010


N had a hangnail. So he did what any 5 yr old would do, he pulled it out. Well, this one left a little owie on his finger. Over the past week it has gotten an infection and topical ointments were not working. We saw the doc this morning.

While there, we also spoke to the doc about his stuffed up nose and him having random gushing nosebleeds.

Also, the knot on his head that he got in June from flipping off his bike has not gone away. This knot was bumped over and over again.

The diagnosis:

His stuffed up nose is from possibly allergies. We are trying some things to see if this is allergies. Basically the kid is going on zyrtec until he clears up and then we take him off to see if he gets stuffy again. The allergy thing is no surprise I am married to a man who has finally found allergy relief by living in Alaska where everything is frozen 8 months of the year!

His finger is bad. He has to go on amoxicillin. I could not figure out how his finger got infected so quickly and so badly. We had been treating this finger with alcohol, bacitracin and band-aids.

Then it all became clear.

The owie is on Noah's primary booger picking finger. Yes, that's right. So, finger goes in bacteria laden nose - and voila! Infected finger.

I was a little surprised. Noah is really good about getting a tissue. However, when you are stuffed up and have tons of boogies from your cold/allergies you (being a 5yr old) are not going to get up in the middle of the night and get a tissue. It is much easier to lie in bed, pick it, and I (as mommy who does the cleaning, changing the sheets, etc.) do not want to know what happens to those precious pieces of picked gold. Kevin then mentions how he has seen said incidents happening on our nightly check ins. So 10 days of antibiotics for my precious little nose picker.


The knot is now a permanent fixture. Yes, my son has bumped the knot enough times that the skull bone has become reactive to the bumping and has permanently formed a knot.

Basically I have a booger picking knot head. That is my precious 5yr old.

Such is the life of a God lovin', hockey playin', Alaksa livin', lego obessed boy! AND i LOVE him.


Cryssy said...

I totally LOVE this post!!!! That's our boy!!

Brandi said...

I'm laughing the whole time I'm cringing while reading's so completely "boy" and yet, so sad, but then hilarious. What can you say? I love your little hockey-playin, knot-headed, nose picker, and I'll be praying he's all better before we know it.