Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Attitude and Tolerance

Since I got back home after my mom passing away it has really helped for me to sink myself into my training (I plan on doing a triathlon on Sunday and a half marathon in June). I have found that I have been able to tolerate a lot more physical pain and am able to push through that pain a lot easier.
I am not sure if this is because of my attitude. I have been dead set on accomplishing some things despite what my body may tell me. You know, when I first started running, I could only do 1.5 miles before my mind told me that it was time to walk (now my usual run is 5-6miles). However, my body was capable of more.
I also have been thinking it may be because I have a lack of caring in how much I can tolerate when pushing myself to that next level. I guess I have this attitude of seeing how far I can go before my body fails. I want to see where my body fails. This may seem a little twisted, but really, I want to know how strong I am. Am I really strong enough to push past my mind telling me I can take no more?

When I run I think about how weak a heart can become when mistreated. How a lot of Americans, because they can't literally see their heart, are mistreating their bodies most essential muscle.

Then I think of those folks participating on Biggest Loser. If they can do it, why can't I? Why can't I run 35 sprints - cause that girl just did?

I prepare for my workouts my eating the right things. Fueling up my body to get through what I am going to push it through. However, one time I ran 8 miles on half of a banana and 4 sips of water.

Our physical potential goes way beyond what our mind tells us is our limit. I plan on crossing that finish line on Sunday knowing that I laid it all out. Every time I feel that burn I will not stop until my muscle fails, not my mind telling me to slow down or to stop. My physical potential goes way beyond what my mind tells me it is. Our bodies can tolerate more than our mind can tolerate.

Whatever it is your mind is limiting you to do - can you push past it? Does it take turning myself off in one aspect of my mind (dealing with my mom's passing) to overcome my mind setting limits on another part of my life (my training)? Funny how fickle our minds can be, isn't it?

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Brandi said...

such wise thoughts....and again good motivation for me. I love that you've decided not to take "no" for an answer from your mind. I think about that alot and agree that we should be able to control our mindset despite what's going on in our worlds. Am I there yet??? No..., but I use your example as motivation to not give up. Thank you for sharing your strength in so many ways! Love you!