Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Please Void This Purchase

I refuse to pay $10.23 for 1.28lbs of Rainier Cherries. 10 DOLLARS and 23 CENTS! Seriously people.

I love cherries. We finally have fresh cherries in Alaksa. I love cherries. I will not pay your lovely price.

Only bonus for moving to Oklahoma: We will return to the land of yellow bananas and cheap produce.


Jillina said...

Sadly the cherries are high dollar here as well, not that high but high. But I would pay the $10 I love fresh cherries!! Hurry up and get down here!!

Brandi said...

Can you grow a cherry tree in OK? :)
--- I just got done posting to some of your latest blog posts. Sorry I've been offline for so long. :( I miss you....