Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Magical Days

We're back from Disney and it was sooooo much fun! Noah was pumped everyday, "I want to go to Mickey's park and see Mickey!" After every ride, he cried wanting to go back on it, and if you have ever been to Disney you know the lines are CRAZY. Waiting in the fast pass line with a 2.5yr old and a 3mo. old is adventurous enough for me. Caleb, believe it or not, was so into Disney too. He paid attention at the shows, talked and laughed at Nemo, and loved chewing on Mickey's ear (the stuffed Mickey I bought, not the actual 6ft character costume!). The weekend was full of funny anecdotes from Noah.....
While eating chocolate ice cream - "It tastes like chicken!"
At the character dining with pooh and friends - "TTTIIIIGGGGGGEEERRRR get over here!" (while tigger is across the restaurant)
A few of our friends were along for the ride and one couple, Tracy and BJ, have a 4yr old son, Colton. Well, he and Noah were the talk of the town. By the end of the first day they were calling each other by first and middle names, "Colton Dallas" "Noah James"! It was too funny! Also, I have to give a big THANK YOU to Krista - another along for the Disney Magic experience. She provided us with an AMAZING place to stay.
I love Disney! I could go all the time if I were in better shape. The early a.m. and late p.m's on top of all the walking just about did me in over 4 days! I think my magic meter will be on FULL for quite a while. Hopefully Alaska will not keep us away for too long. Noah woke up this morning asking to see Mickey. Hopefully, the pictures and souvenirs will suffice.
Kevin is on his way to get our van - the one that kicked the bucket. Hopefully, it is now in full working condition and will get us to Alaska this fall.
Oh - by the way.....Caleb is rolling over! With and without the brace he is flipping himself from back to tummy. Last night, without the brace on, he almost went from tummy to back. It was quite the effort.
Hope you all have a magical day! :)


Jillina said...

oh my word! go Caleb go! I can't belive he's old enough to be rolling over all ready! Time really does fly.

Email me some more of your pics. These are great but something tells me there are many more.

Glad you guys had fun. Yall are in my prayers this week. Hope everything goes good this weekend. Love you guys!

Cryssy said...

I'm so glad ya'll had fun!! Wish we could have joined you. Looks like fun and I'm sure ya'll are happily tired. Welcome back!

Ann said...

You all have had a lot going on! Glad you all are ok- and had fun- and are back home safely.

Thanks for sharing! I will be reading...

Katie said...

That must have been thrilling to see the boys so happy and excited. I think we all could use an escape like that.

I love the pictures!