Monday, April 9, 2007

Ok, I did it

Ok, so I did it. I started this blog. There are no promises that I will keep it updated frequently. The best I can hopefully accomplish is once a month. Sounds easy enough.
So to start, I will reveal my new nickname - the cleaning nazi. That's right, I have been dubbed by Kevin after a very jam packed weekend of ceiling to floor cleaning of the entire house. The way I saw it was, unless you had a baby to nurse, you should not be sitting down. :)
So, my family loved when Sunday rolled around, cause I have this rule. No working on Sunday. If God rested on this day, we should probably follow our greatest example.
Easter Sunday was nice. The boys woke up to Easter baskets full of chocolate and cute trinkets, church was AWESOME, and Noah had a great time searching for the treasured eggs. Of course he ate so much chocolate and ran around the house at 10x the normal pace!
Kevin is preparing for his deployment today. Keep us in your prayers as his departure day gets nearer and nearer.

On a side note - I was doing my daily Bible reading this mornin. I am reading a combo of 2 Sam and 1 Chron. I just can not express how awesome God is. The more I read the same passages over and over the more I realize how wonderful he is. How I wish I could pray to God like David did, so much passion, honesty, and complete openess and vulnerability . He LOVED God so much. What a great example God gave us. How blessed I truly am.

Ok - that's it. The first post is done.


JPJ said...

I really enjoy reading a slice of life from the blog--just hoping you find time to enter more than monthly. Send the cleaning Nazi to my house--my cleaning gal is super, but we still have lots of clutter needing special attention! Enjoy every minute with Kevin--the cleaning will wait until he's gone!

Jillina said...

Can I just shout a big Yippee!! So glad your doing the blog. Noah stories alone are enough reason for a blog - he's hilarious! Be careful with the cleaning - don't use to much bleach :) hehe. Also, I second what you said about David's prayer life. I want so badly to have a godly heart like that.

AJnChattown said...

Hey Mary...I feel like I know you a little bit through Jillina's blog. Jillina and I are friends from Lipscomb. Welcome to the blogging world. I know you take wonderful pics of William. Can't wait to see some of your own sweet babies. Jillina brags all the time.